New Electronic: Paris Love-Child – Don’t Leave It Alone

Artist from London, UK. Paris Love-Child and Don’t Leave It Alone is a techno with amazing strong vocals. It has been released in 2018 as a single, it makes me think about the album from the same year Working Class Woman with the hit Work It by Canadian producer Marie Davidson, but Don’t Leave It Alone is less experimental, a more synthesized and melodic style, where we find groovy beats and bass. Paris Love-Child is a songwriter, performer and also model, according to her description, she comes from Noting Hill, famous for Portobello Road, from where she considers herself the princess. Amazing 8 minutes track, I’d say it’s a proper techno with vocals. Therefore, it’s been added to our playlist Synths of Techno:

New Electronic: Little People – Tonight

Tonight, by London based producer Little People, is a powerful track, full of rhythmic FMish tunes, nothing more appropriate for a nocturnal mood. Downtempo, quiet slow, not the best fit for the usual club mix, but it’s highly suitable for a chill DJ Set, the ideal company for some drinking or smoking with some friends at night. The bass is something more subtle, with a short decay,  pizzicato like.  However, the track progresses, turning to something more energetic before fading out in the same way as it started. The track provides us several impressive synth tunes during its arrangement, from standard to experimental sound designs.

Tonight is Little People’s first single for his upcoming album Landloper. You can also find it in Bandcamp.

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New Electronic: Jonny Element – Balete

A recipe for a great track can mix enthusiastic danceable drums, with cinematic samples joined by synth pads and snippets of a woman’s voice that serve as vocals, plus good mixing techniques. Then, all of this should be summed by an art cover that gives pleasure to your eyes. Ultimately, cover arts serve as an important visual element to music, music is also graphic design at some point. Balete feels danceable, cinematic, almost goa-like.  Balete is a tree found in the Philippines that is believed to house magic creatures. The art was made by Johannes Helgelin.

Johnny Element was previously part of London bands Southpaw, The Razzle and Orfan. Presently focused on instrumental electronica, his musical fascination revolves around samples, beats and guitar. As it’s evident by his music. He was born in a small coastal town in Norway. As a child, Element’s family moved to London. He grew up having viking tales and Nordic mythology as a background for his child fantasies, thus story telling became the central vein to his artistic expression. He later moved to Berlin, where he makes music and does some gigs once in a while in Europe and Asia.

Balete hasn’t been released yet on streaming platforms or online stores, but we’ll keep you up to date as soon as it is.

Synthpop: VOGUE.NOIR – Only When

“Vogue.Noir’s melancholic synth pop twists Sci-fi, Neo Noir and dystopian themes into a reflective soundscape inspired by synthpop, such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and New Order. The London-based artist merges an introspective emotional backdrop, resulting in a blend of retro and modern that is as powerful as it is personal”

Today’s synthwave release comes from London, Only When, by Vogue.Noir. The track is part of a 12 tracks album called Strange Days. Vogue.Noir is Aleks Kelvin, a fan of darkwave, that dreams of “neo noir and sci-fi nostalgia”. He started to make music as Vogue.Noir since two years ago. His biggest inspirations in music are 70s New Wave/Post Punk aesthetics on which he cut his teeth. He considers first Vogue.Noir EP as “a whirling blend of 80’s synthesised pop, fused the impudence of EBM with shades of melancholia, and was released in July 2016”, whatever that is, it’s worth giving a listen. Before he released his most recent album Strange Days in April 2018, he gigged extensively across the London live scene and made several appearances in Europe, including Germany, France and Spain.

’Strange Days’ explores themes around life in a modern metropolis, where love, loneliness and alienation play out under the shadow of urban hyper development

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Ethereal Indie: UV – Joys of Pain

Previously fronting ethereal-psych band KULL and electronic duo White Russia, UV re-conjures Elderton’s distinct vocals over interlaced harmonies, guitar strands, electronic textures and pulsing rhythms.

Featured here before with Defender, Joys of Pain is the latest release of Marina Elderton, known as her artist name UV. The track is part of a single also called UV, that features both tracks, Defender and Joys of Pain. You can find it in Bandcamp  and in Spotify. The track mixes post-rock elements with a contemporary indie touch, that mixes electronic textures with electric guitars and drums. Plus, Marina’s remarkable voice.

Joys of Pain has been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden, listen to it if you’re looking for a great selection of contemporary psychedelic rock and or best curation of ethereal indies such as UV’s:

Trip Hop: Jake Raywood – Ivy

Structures I is a collection of three tracks that were written and recorded over 6 months. Those 6 months were a period of significant change and Structures I was my response to, and means of dealing with that change.

Some more fresh Hip Hop coming from London, this one is Ivy, by Jake Raywood. According to himself, he “creates introspective, brooding Trip-hop to help better understand myself and the world around me”. It’s the mellow trip hop kind, at certain moments you can even drop some trap style of hihats, if it wasn’t for the more trip hop style of vocals.

You can also find it at Bandcamp.

Ivy has been added to our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

Experimental: Voltage Black – St. Elmo

Ancient mariner
Scan the horizon
Search forever
Guided by plasma
Angel or sorceress
Wrapped in a white dress
Beware St Elmo and what lurks below

But I, I got caught in your gravity
With a chemical urgency
For that moment all shallow was deep

St.Elmo by Voltage Black is the newest experimental release that deserves a spotlight. It mixes electronic music with rock, such as post-rock with an industrial mood. The track is part of the debut album of Voltage Black released this 21st of September The Curve of the Earth is With You. The opening party for the album will take place at New River Studios, this Thursday 27th September in London. Voltage Black, is a genre-defying vocal project of multi-alias artist, Ewan Fisher. According to its press release, the album has several different influences as much as feelings that served as inspiration for the creation of each track:

The album is about a long and deeply intimate relationship in the artist’s life that recently ended, and the individual songs explore themes such as obsession, optimism, chaos, and the slow, unending road to self-understanding. It uses melodic and textural maximalism to impart a sense of emotional and cerebral overwhelm on the listener, whilst the sonic detail and unconventional structures represent the depths we can go to in attempting to understand our lives and their ever changing, unpredictable natures.

These seven psychedelic and crystalline compositions draw together elements of alternative pop, post-rock, synth-wave, techno and cinematic ambience, to make a new sound all of its own. The sonic and emotional result is cohesive, and Fisher’s understanding of structure and melody makes the songs accessible and universally resonant.

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Downtempo/Trip-Hop: Aydio – The Surface of Revolution

The Surface of Revolution by London based Aydio is a colourful downtempo track, with oriental vocals, several different layers of instruments that sound incredibly well altogether. Part of the album Inversion. Sonrisa is another track that deserves attention, the whole track has many instruments recorded, such as an amazing bass, plus the whole set of drums itself, very nice percussion, as much as the same style of sampled vocals. Aydio has a huge discography in Bandcamp and Spotify, so there are plenty of music he can provide us.

The track has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, you can find many other trip-hop downtempo tracks there:


Dream Pop: FMFL – Functional Music for Lovers (Album)

Today we’re again talking about Brazilian-born producer Adam Matschulat and his debut album as FMFL. His first singles have been covered by this blog in March, such as Hear my Heart, when we also interviewed him about his plans for 2018, such as releasing an album as FMFL. The album got released a little later than expected and with less tracks than promised; yet, it is a special material that cannot go unnoticed by Synths of Eden. In fact, FMFL’s album comes out as something dark, impressive and delicate at the same time. A mixture of Adam’s feelings with a blend of trip-hop, summed by a Björk style of experimentation.

Adam lives in London where he writes, records and produces “Functional Music for Lovers” in his own home studio, released by RESTERECORDS. Clearly the album has been written in a hard period for Adam and you can tell it by the melancholy that takes over throughout the tracks. Of course, it is not only about melancholy and suffering, even though most of the tracks take this route, it is clear the different shades, some more hopeful, others more neutral.

FMFL explores simple melodies and bright synth lines that bring back Adam’s childhood with a sense of nostalgia tinged melancholy. The track “I Don’t Know What to Do” is a good example of an introspective melancholic state that is counterbalanced by “Lost Love Songs” a much more uplifting track.

The album itself is filled with synthetic textures, calm, delicate and worm vocal lines that provide us with peace, drive by compelling drum patterns. Somehow, it makes us feel as if we’re in a deep slumber, numb to the reality, especially in the track “Up to the Sky” the wheezing sounds makes you wake up briefly, so you know you are still breathing.

The album closes with “Hear my Heart”, the song that we talked about back in March. Which talks about the connection between listeners and music. Plus, how it is translated to the connection between people. All of it in a bright-melancholic way.

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

Lost Love Songs has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden:

Loop Track: Narcsus Prye – LOOP 3

Using a loop as a foundation,producer from London,Narcsus Prye composed his whole track, LOOP 3. In the final result sounds very nice, proving that making music can be done in many different ways, such as using a loop as bass and develop this into something new inside an arrangement, also not the easiest thing to do. Much more than with a single track, the whole album is called 8 Loops, with a self-explanatory title.

The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden: