Shoegaze: Parrot Dream – Paradise & Pray

Besides being currently based in Brooklyn, New York, Parrot Dream was formed in 2013, in Santiago, Chile, by Christina Hansen Appel (vocals, keys) and Gonzalo Guerrero (guitar). The duo makes a shoegaze rock, My Bloody Valentine style. An atmospheric, delicate and deep sound, that perfectly matches with the lyrics. Paradise & Pray is part of their debut album Light Goes, with 10 tracks in total.

The album has been released by Good Eye Records and it’s also available in vinyl in the label’s website.

Paradise & Prey has been featured in our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden, that is fully dedicated to sharing shoegaze, stoner rock and psychedelic rock tracks:

Synthwave in Eden: Pax Humana – Cybernetic Fantasy

Cybernetic Fantasy by Pax Humana is the newest feature from our synthwave playlist, Synthwave in Eden. Although it’s not precisely the traditional synthwave track, it’s a great work with synthesizers, the rhythm and the whole harmony shown by the use of arps and compelling bass lines. Plus, the whole sound design is great. According to the producer of Pax Humana, New York based Brian Lindgren, the track was inspired on a post-apocalyptic cyber-punk setting, Blade Runner style. It is part of his 6 tracks EP, Revolution . You can also download it via Bandcamp.

Check the playlist for more:


Crossover Tech-House: M!NT – Derek Foreal

Derek Foreal by New York based producer M!NT is a track that sounds like tech-house but dives in the bridge sections with use of vocals, audio samples yet being highly instrumental. It crosses genres at some points, with many hip-hop references, that is easily explained by M!NT’s latest productions, that was hip-hop and beats. Derek Foreal has been released by Outside In Records.

You can check M!NT‘s Bandcamp page for his earliest works.  The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Alternative Rock: Scotch Mist – Meteors

With a wave of neo-psychedelic rock tracks, artists and albums that are not really old-school psychedelic material and neither post-rock, but a mere copy of Tame Impala and their last album Currents, that blends disco and synthpop. Scotch Mist from New York city and their single Meteors/Surfside comes as something original, that grabs the best of contemporary alternative rock, the track brings us great organic drums, with folk guitar chords and vocals that can be associated to the last album of Fleet Foxes, Crack Up, specially in the chorus. But it innovates in the use of synthesizers especially. Surfside singularity is expressed by its acoustic yet jazzy mood, as much as Meteors. For a full experience I recommend the whole single.

The track has been added to our Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

New Trip-Hop: Violet Sands & Justin Faust – What Do You Feel

Some hot new trip-hop tracks coming out, after featuring NothingAboutME and their BLUEBELL it’s time to feature Violet Sands & Justin Faust with their new track What Do You Feel. This recalls popular tracks of Massive Attack, such as Teardrop, with their own unique touch.

According to Derek Muro, from Violet Sands, artists from Brooklyn, New York:

“We met Justin while he was in New York visiting from Germany, introduced by Robert Perlick-Molinari (of our label and French Horn Rebellion) who suggested that we collaborate. In an afternoon, we began experimenting with the vintage synth collection at our studio – notably the Wurli, Roland and Oberheim instruments – embracing the early-aughts electronica influence, which came out even more once Deidre wrote the lyrics and added her vocals. After only a few hours, we had the shape of the song nearly complete and decided to meet for another session that week where the song really came together.”

Violet Sands is Deirdre Muro (vocals), Derek Muro (guitar) and David Perlick-Molinari (production).

Apocalyptic Dream Disco: Panama Papers – Under the Sun

Where do the shadows take you
And when do they plan to set you free
There’s so much to see
Do you feel the laughter pausing
When you thought bright would always be
And living in me

Another one for the series of follow-up posts I made about artists that have been featured here before and come back with other tracks. This is the case for Panama Papers, that has been here before with Brite Nights and now are back with Under the Sun. This is another one of their tracks released in 2017 but should not go unnoticed. Originally released in Soundcloud, the track is part of their homonymous 2017 EP (available in cassette), the fifth track out of five.

As much as for Brite Nights, the track is a disco without ambition, yet sonically amazing. It follows the pop indie-electro tradition, but with a more underground music touch, that allows itself to explore and go away from the commercial barriers imposed by the industry. Expect nice synths.

You can also stream it by Spotify and Bandcamp.

Psychedelic-Rock: SPAER – “Silo” (feat. Money Penny)

After a long intro with a melody of synthesizer, we come towards a vocal that reminds me somehow the soundtrack of Silent Hill 4, that old Playstation 2 already forgotten in the past. In therms of music genre I’d say trip-hop. The song grows, grows, enter into a vortex of repetition, that is growing even more. Until it ends at 4 minutes, the way it started. This is Silo, by SPAER, featuring vocals of Money Penny. The track has been released by Axis Mundi Records.

SPAER is a pscyh-pop prject from audio/visual artist and producer Peter Spears, founder of psych band Psymon Spine. Peter recently released as SPAER an album called Vol. 1, featuring several different vocalists as SPAER and in 2017, by the same label, Psymon Spine‘s album You Are Coming to my Birthday.


New Music: Rare dm – Almost a Year

“I’ve been waiting to catch a feeling, but you’re not in it for my heart, you’re here for the pussy”

From the creative hub of New York city we receive many great tracks, such as Almost a Year by Rare dm. A place full of great independent artists that always deserve to be shared by Synths of Eden.

Rare dm is what she calls: “a dark designer of electronic sound… exploring shadowed dissonance, foiled by the neon and black light glow of dance beats”. She produces music that have great electronic instrumentals and are yet danceable and pop. Melodic and delicate sounds are mixed with poetic lyrics about interpersonal relationships, as quoted above. It is impossible not to identify yourself with it, either you are a man or a woman. Everybody experienced the feeling of being sentimentally involved with somebody who doesn’t want anything else rather than physical and sexual attachments, having to carry with yourself this personal drama after “almost a year”.

Almost a Year is her first single. So, let’s hope she will have a busy year making new music, so we’ll be delighted listening to her again and again.

Avant-Pop: Reliant Tom – SOS

SOS is the new single from Reliant Tom, duo From Hudson Valley (New York state), in USA. At first it sounds pretty much like trip-hop from Portishead, there are some heavy synth leads, that remind me my cute Microbrute from Arturia and all the noise I make with it, specially step sequencing. Reliant Tom combines remarkable sound design, with modern dance and songwriting with no specific genre intentions. Some of their earlier songs remind me 80s British post-punk scene.

SOS came out this 20th March, in all streaming platforms. The duo is formed by composer Monte Weber and choreographer/singer Claire Cuny.

Monte comes from a family of music passionate parents that have been playing Brazilian music in the state of Massachusetts, specially Brazilian percussion. As a result, Monte graduated in music composition, focusing on electronic music. His dream to have a band became concrete after he met Clair in a concert, according to him:

“Reliant Tom gives me the outlet to explore both pulse driven works while maintaining the other musical elements which I find fascinating – timbre, aleatoric processes, and interactive technologies.”

As for Claire, she started playing her own music much later, starting with piano and moving onward with choreography, as she already was a ballet dancer before in Dallas. The fact that she moved to New York brought her new opportunities, where she started to sing with different bands and write her own songs, before joining Monte to create Reliant Tom. She explains:

“It is very interesting to work together from our differing backgrounds. Our ultimate goal with Reliant Tom is to be a multi-media performance experience that straddles the line between pop and experimental music – and philosophising about what that even means, and is that even possible as “experimental pop”? It seems like it’s an oxymoron. I’ve learned so much from just trying to navigate this with him.”

Moreover, about the sound design and the inspiration to compose their new single SOS, the duo claims:

“SOS” is a recounting of childhood anxiety and repression from institutionalized patriarchy and guilt. The leading polyrhythmic and jittery synth line counters against a steady hook of beats, electric bass, and chord progressions, topped by the smooth cooing of Claire Cuny’s vocals to create an uneasy yet hypnotic groove.”

Later on, Clair states that the feeling of anxiety has driven them to create the track, an anxiety that serves as a creative force to write SOS. Mainly an anxiety that came from the oppression created by the cultural elements of patriarchy. Well, songs that explore current societal discussions, such as the oppression of patriarchy are more than welcome here. Let’s quote Clair herself again:

“We wanted to depict anxiety. The initial underlying synth is not the same tempo as the rest of the song – it’s faster and a little manic. It’s meant to instill the feeling of being calm and collected on the outside, while simultaneously experiencing internal turmoil… and the vocals are the stolid, unforgiving voice in the back of your head you can’t ignore. Growing up I struggled with anxiety in school. I had a lot of issues with the ideologies of my particular school; the patriarchy, the guilt driven morality, the close-mindedness, and the overall environment that made going to school an anxiety-ridden experience. In this song I studied that anxiety from that perspective and unified with it. I let myself become the anxiety and it feels powerful, like I’m overcoming it by becoming it.”

Their new album is planned to be released later this year by Division Records.  You can stream their music in Spotify here.


New Single: altopalo – Blur (2018)

Blur, from altopalo, band based in New York, is much more than an electronic glitch futurism. It has a kind of pop aka indie-electro approach to electronic music, summed by experimental and glitch music. Music is art and when it comes to art, innovation is a key feature. Therefore, great artists are always trying to reach new boundaries of their cultural soup. altopalo explores the USA tradition of making music with acoustic guitars and that cowboy style of singing with avant-garde electronic music. The band agglutinates in its sound the acoustic, the electronic, the jazzy-funky drums, as much as the vocals from good-old boy bands. It’s indeed an original material that impressed me very much.

altopalo is formed by singer Rahm Silverglade, a solo artist that has been releasing his material by Terrible Records, plus guitarrist Mike Haldeman. In the rhythm sector we have Jesse Blelenberg and Dillon Tracy. Therefore, we have a band composed by four veterans from the underground New York scene.

They are gathered to set up their debut album frozenthere that will be unlike anything commercially made in USA nowadays, eventually it can be compared to Mount Kimbie/Nicolas Jaar or other alternative indie-electro bands. Blur/FrozenAway comes as their new single. Their songs are about the dehumanising new forms of technology that are spreading like big diseases in society in which we cannot live without anymore. When will we ever break the chains from this allegory of the cave and reach the bright lights of the outside?