Playlist: Beats Only – Chill, Soulful, Jazzy, Boom Bap (Instrumental Hip Hop)

Since 1997, has been delivering hand picked hip-hop from artists & producers around the globe. Beats Only is a mix of Chill, Soulful, Jazzy, LoFi, Boom Bap Instrumental Hip-Hop tracks with Hip-Hop leaning EDM mixed in.

Synths of Eden has recently prepared an instrumental hip hop only playlist to share with you. But before that, we will share a playlist by the blog and radio Sphere of Hip Hop that has inspired us to curate a playlist full of different beats. In total there are 67 hand picked songs, with almost 3 hours of instrumental hip hop. I listened to it occasionally and I should confess the tracks are jazzy, easy listening like, but instigating at the same time, not only a bunch of beats that sound all the same. If you like the genre, this playlist is gold. They are very active on the Submithub community, which means that they are constantly accepting submissions.

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Playlist: Tech House 2019

Good house music in general, not mainstream just awesome music you can hear or dance to.

I’m not well versed in all the genres of electronic music, I even curate a feel dance playlists here and there. Sometimes I feel it’s very hard to make something danceable while escaping from the usual commercial edm stuff, the Spotify playlists like New Dance Revolution, New Hot Dance, New Dance, MINT, etc and keeping up with the good beats, it’s always a challenge. If there is a playlist curator I wish I had discovered before when I first started to curate dance playlists and write this blog is Island Beat Music. Today I bring to your attention their Tech House 2019, this one by Bernardo, it has a total of 86 tracks at this moment it has received some occasional additions, keeping the original date of curation for the older ones. They also receive submissions via Submithub.

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Playlist: Funky Flavors [electro funk, glitch pop & break beats] by blog Stereofox

Today we’re sharing a playlist curated by the music blog Stereofox called Funky Flavors. It came to us via our Playlist Form, where we receive playlists or mixtapes submission by different curators. Certainly it’s introducing some genres new to this blog, which makes it an interesting asset to be shared. It has a nu-disco vibe, with lots of groove bass-lines and keys. A playlist that would make George Clinton and Afrika Bambaataa smile, close their eyes and shake their heads. They accept submissions, via Submithub. Around 50 tracks of a great mood playlist.

Playlist: Synthwave 101 (Over 900 Artists Curated and Always Updated) by Neon Fawkes

A playlist by Neon Fawkes, Julian Green from Canada, according to him the playlist is about: “Synthwave (all sub genres). Over 900 artists. Your one stop shop to discover all the artists that create this beautiful music. Pre-sorted with new discoveries at the top. Curated and always updated.”

Submissions are accepted, so if you are a Synthwave artist or have Synthwave tracks to suggest, message Neon Fawkes in his social media profiles, he’s an active Twitter user @julesneonfawkes

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Spotify Playlist – 90s Metal: Scott Burns (Producer) – Best Of

90s metal is not the usual style covered by Synths of Eden, but it’s a style of fundamental importance in the recent music history, especially the work of some great bands and producers that are worth being shared.

So here’s a playlist edited by LPascolatti (this blog’s editor) for all those metalheads that eventually follow/read our blog. A collection of tracks that were part of albums produced by Scott Burns during the 90s, including classics from Death, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary and others.