New Single: Sal Dulu – Tyko (2018)

Third release from producer-instrumentalist from Dublin, Ireland. This came to us by Submithub, this is highly original material, that plays with instruments and audio files. It has a certain hiphop drum style with it, that is super chill. Plus, the artwork is just awesome. You can check Sal Dulu’s releases by Spotify and Soundcloud. We’ve recently shared Tyko in our Soundcloud, but soon it will be in our playlists.  Very well mixed work too, that puts you in the song’s atmosphere. This also reminds a bit the work of Flying Lotus with a touch of vaporwave.

You can also stream his track by Spotify.

New Music: FMFL – Just Blink Twice

Just Blink Twice is a track of FMFL. The song reminds those scenes of Twin Peak’s third season, when there are gigs going on in The Roadhouse. It is the debut work of Brazilian producer from São Paulo, Adam Matschulat, based in London. FMFL means Functional Music for Lovers. It brings a very delicate voice, followed by keys and glitch sounds. It is an experimental yet sensible work. The cover art was made Clara Kelly and it is very interesting. Somehow represents very well this work. The second track is called Interlude I, very ambient, sounding much like Brian Eno’s early works.

FMFL is expecting 2018 to be a very productive work for him. His next work Hear My Heart is due to be released in 18th March. You can stream his work on Spotify and also purchase it in Bandcamp as embedded below.


Album: Jacques – A Lot of Jacques (2017)

This week, 31th January, the English electronic-music and technology Fact Magazine featured the French music producer Jacques in their Against the Clock series. According to them, one of the weirdest episodes of the series, for Synths of Eden, this was one of the best and most intriguing episodes . Against the Clock gives music producers 10 minutes to produce a track, in this case, Jacques appeared there with lots of objects that could be improvised as music instruments, when recorded via microphones attached to guitar pedals, such as an elastic rubber band that could be used to make a bassline and a drill that could be used to perform a lead synth. The reason why Jacques started to use instruments like this was the fact that he couldn’t afford real instruments when he started out to make music.

Quoting FACT: “Now he tours the world with his homemade orchestra of scrapers, cups, wooden spoons and other ephemera, recording them and putting them through an array of pedals, loopers and samplers.”

Apart from being an outstanding live performer with awkward improvised instruments attached to guitar pedals, he also does a great work in studio, as shown by his 2017 releases, such as “A Lot of Jacques”, embedded below. Released by French label, Pain Surprises.

Moreover, Jacques also recorded a multi-lingual album, in which he released his single “Dans la Radio” in 7 different languages, including Esperanto, French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

His 2017 album, A Lot of Jacques, features 6 different short tracks with around 6 minutes, all of them a more “house-like” electronic music to more experimental downtempo styles of electronic music. Plus 3 tracks that are longer, with more than 9 minutes, such as Limbo in Limbo, Bushwack on the Dancefloor and Escape from Boredom. All the tracks have singular music instrumentation, as evidenced by his Agains the Clock performance, Jacques is not any regular music producer. It is also possible to buy his merch, such as music in vinyl on the following link:

GPU Panic – Sand Haze EP (2017)

The EP from GPU Panic, a Lisbon based producer, is an exemplary work of electronic music, what could be called for some IDM music, or non commercial electronic music. This EP has 4 long tracks with aggressive bass, synths and drums that don’t follow the traditional four on the floor style of electronic music, such as techno. The beats are unconventional and mixed with synthesizers that explore ambient, chill-out, industrial and downtempo styles at the same time.

It might not be the best tracks for a Dj set on your neighbourhood club (with exception of Inhale/Exhale and Escape Route that made me personally feel like dancing a lot), but is certainly full of quality and atmospheric until the end, great for listening during a tiring day of work or during breakfast. The work from GPU Panic reminds me tracks from producers like Four Tet or classics of Kraftwerk (such as Escape Route and the breaths from Tour de France) and this great unconventional style of electronic that crosses the limits imposed by genres. Producers who usually do more of the same end up being boring, this is not the case for this EP.

Check out the Souncloud of GPU Panic or support his work buying his tracks on Bandcamp.

Techno Review: First Contact – Barchi

Dj and Producer Barchi’s debut single, First Contact, has an emblematic name, as it shows the first work produced by Barchi with the world of techno music. Although the name is First Contact, it shows that Barchi has large experience with minimal techno. Influenced by producers such as Boris Brejcha, this single has dancing tracks with catchy rhythms that are great for a techno Dj set. Jungle Demon welcomes the listeners with a cinematographic vibe. Great basslines that could bring this techno to a more tech-house style. Check below his Soundcloud page. He’s been DJing his tracks in São Paulo and plans new releases for the short term future. He’s also on Instagram.