Progressive Rock: Ajay Pawar – The Monsoon Ride

On Ajay Pawar’s own words, nothing better to describe The Monsoon Ride:

This song tries to captures various moods, emotions and stories associated with rains. Some feel romantic, Some want to relax. Farmers rejoice with the sound of rain. On the other end of the spectrum, heavy rains can cause floods and destroy cities, towns, villages and people’s lives. The song was inspired by the train journey which I took from Mumbai to Guwahati in India during the monsoon season where I witnessed rains affecting people’s lives in various ways.

released December 13, 2018
Mixing and Mastering – Luke Martin
Artwork – Molshree Jain

Ajay Pawar is an Indian artist, from Pune. Besides making his own instrumental progressive rock, he is a professional Supply Chain Consultant. He picked up guitar for the first time in his late teens and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He composes, records and produces music out of his bedroom studio.

The Monsoon Ride has been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Experimental: Jimmy – Smile

“I tried to throw myself into the fucked-up dream that is the opioid epidemic in the United States and capture what I could of its hazy and ironically self-destructive fantasy.”

Well, this track impress me. I don’t have a genre to classify this, it would be a kind of progressive rock with an influence of stoner rock and many other things. Highly well produced. I will not say much, I’ll leave it to yourselves to judge. According to Jimmy, about his newest track Smile:

“I didn’t write Smile because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.”

It will also be featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist, so don’t follow it if you want to loose many nice tracks curated by this blog for the past few months.


Eulogy – Fall (edit) (2018)

Originally a 5min track that was pure noise in the first 2min of the beginning, Fall (edit) comes out to be a track that is pure gold in its edit version. An introduction with an audio file, with a narrator speaking about brains. Followed by an interesting bass, guitars and synth lines. Later on joined by kick drums with vocal layers. A pretty interesting prog rock track, that comes from noise to audio experimentation to later on be composed by regular instrumentation that is just full of colours and layers, that make you become involved with the track from beginning to end. Pretty much an original material from Eulogy.

The artist has a pretty interesting story about his whole album and how he became a musician after suffering an accident in childhood and how it reflected on his musical work, you can check everything in his page here. Moreover, the lyrics were inspired in T.S Elliot, The Wasteland, poetry and Buddhist writings.

You can also purchase his album Into the Heart of Light for download in Bandcamp.

Progressive Rock: Malady – Nurja puoli

I have listened some very extreme bands coming from Finland, such as Força Macabra. A finish band that plays Brazilian heavy metal with a mostly unrecognisable vocals written by themselves in Portuguese. A country full of extreme metal bands can also have very interesting progressive rock. Nurja puoli has 22 minutes and reminds a lot the old work of Yes but bringing lots of new elements. It is a very delicate song, with vocals, that completely tells a story with instruments, from beginning to the end.  It has guitars that sound good to the ears, drums that grow in build ups just like Mogwai. Riffs that remind Iron Maiden.  Malady is a band from Helsinki. Their upcoming album ‘Toinen Toista’ is being released 30th March by Svart Records.

According to its lyricist and drummer Juuso Jylhänlehto:

“This album is open to many interpretations and laden with symbolism, but at its core lays the basic questions of being human and the transient nature of things.”

It also has a very nice cover art:

Malady is the combination of Tony Björkman in the guitar, Babak Issabeigloo with guitar and vocals, Juuso Jylhänlehto with drums, Ville Rohiola with hammond and keyboards plus Jonni Tanskanen with the bass guitar.



Album Review: Tryo – Antologia Elétrica – 30 years (to be released)

Synths of Eden is a big supporter of progressive rock, as we launched the Spotify playlist Brasil Progressivo, with the best all-time Brazilian progressive rock and  its influences.

Chile is a hub for creative artists, when it comes to all-genres. A place well-know for its beauty, great affordable wine and  artists, such as Pablo Neruda for poetry and Alejandro Jorodowski for the cinema. It also comes in my mind the indie-pop with artists such as Javiera Mena and Alex Anwandter. Chile is well-know for its high amount of metal bands, as I recently discovered with this graphic.

Tryo, a progressive-fusion band from Valparaíso, on tour around the world, to celebrate their 30 years are releasing an anthology, called Antologia Elétrica.  The album was recorded by: Ismael Cortez, guitars, keyboards and vocal; Felix Carbone, drums; and Francisco Cortez, bass, vocals and cello. The albums also feature other guess artists in different tracks. Some songs have short vocals, others are mainly instrumental; however, when the band sings with lyrics, they are amazing poems in Spanish. The instrumental looks much alike the first works of Yes, such as the bass from late Chris Squire.

In a total of 13 tracks, some of them long others short, around 3 or 4 minutes. The album starts with an amazing track called Valparaíso Psicodélico (shared on Soundcloud). Starting with samples, of the seaside, proper of Valparaíso, that then shifts to keyboards, drums and guitars that bring up all the best of progressive rock tradition. Including a cello. After that, the album is followed by Viaje Cosmico, Órbitas and Círculos. Songs that also open their album Órbitas (available on streaming in Spotify). There are amazing vocals and instrumentals.  Followed by smaller quasi-instrumentals, such as Ventana and Tierra, to again proceed to a full-7 minute song Vive, more mellow, that reminds the progressive phase of Iron Maiden. Latino reminds a lot the works of Carlos Santana in the early phase of his career. Niebla is a instrumental, it makes justice to its name, meaning ‘fog’ in English. As for Condensiación, starts pretty much as an ambient song with guitars and ends incredibly with energetic vocals:

“Juntos sí, juntos como uno (Together, together like one)
Juntos sí, juntos somos uno” (Together, yes … together we are one)”.

The thematic of the lyrics remind a lot Brazilian rock from the 80s, that brought themes such as social justice and important political facts, such as empowerment of the people against oppression. As much as for transcendental travels.

The last three tracks are live: Nueva Época, Justice and Bloques.

While the album is not officially released, their previous 3 albums (Órbitas, Dos Mundos, from 2002, and Viajes)  are available in streaming platforms.


New Playlist – Brasil Progressivo

ENG: Synths of Eden is now releasing what should be one of the most important Playlists of Brazilian Progressive Rock on Spotify, you can check by yourself. Follow now on Spotify.

BR-PT: Synths of Eden está agora lançando o que pode ser a melhor e mais completa playlist do Spotify sobre Rock Progressivo não comercial brasileiro. Sigam agora no Spotify.

Brasil Progressivo
-The best of Brazilian Progressive Rock throughout the time. Past and present of non-commercial material.

-O melhor do rock brasileiro viajado, pelos tempos. Passado e presente de material nada comercial. Foto: Arnaldo Baptista.