Psychedelic Rock: Pekoe Cat – Door Knockers

My recording process is a little different for a few reasons. I record in my basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface. I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.

Door Knockers, by Canadian multi-instrumentalist/producer Kyle Woolven known as Pekoe Cat. His new tracks haven’t been released yet, but as they have been published in Soundcloud we can already listen how good they are beforehand. Specially the sound of guitar and how it’s merged with vocals. The best style of contemporary psychedelic rock we love, full of synthesizers.



Driftwood from Vanderocker, from Los Angeles  is the slow kind of psychedelic rock, with a more Garbage style of guitars and vocals. Vanderocker is atmospheric, more narcotic. It’s the first single of Vanderockers’ psych rock forthcoming album. According to her Soundcloud profile she “blends Alt Punk with Electro Pop sounds ranging from ‘sonically massive’ impressions from the era of Berlin and David Bowie; to futuristic electronic soundscapes influenced by VDR’s classical roots.“.

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Psychedelic Rock: Ostrich Bouquet – Your Name

Through cinematic shade
Of light I see my past through
Everyone’s there and
I don’t feel the need to
For the apathy and exhaustion
I can see the light shine
Through the kitchen window blinds

Not careless nostalgia
A time I must go back to
Nothing to be done
At that age to prove my worth
Except appreciate
Your presence
I think I did that well and
I’d like to think you knew that

I’m not worried about my future
But people tell me I should be
When nothing comes as easy
As it did back then

I’m not scared of what’s coming
I know that I can handle it
But they gave me your name
I know I can live up to it

Ostrich Bouquet (formed in February 2017) is a psychedelic rock band from Montréal, Canada.  Your Name is part of their second release, a 6 tracks EP called Perennial. I’m mesmerized by this song. First of all the lyrics, the power of words used in their vocals gives us a 90s rock feeling, the instrumentals, pretty good work that should be shared. It impresses me how many remarkable psychedelic rock bands are appearing. With Ostrich Bouquet it seems like they bring back the 90s rock renascence, instead something more clean, arpeggiated,  a shoegaze with synthesizers let’s say. Or what Radiohead seemed to do by the beginning of last decade, mixed with post-rock influences, for Ostrich Bouquet. It’s evident that there are plenty of good influences to their sound.  Plus, amazing cover art.

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Psychedelic Rock: OLWH – Look of Love (Ft. Freak Slug)

Look of Love is the fifth track of the homonymous album released by OLWH, that stands for Only Losers Win Happily, also know as Kelvin Beyioku, from Hertfordshire, UK. The album has many different influences, from indie to jazz, so it’s hard to label it in terms of genre. It has a very characteristic shoegaze style of wet guitar. Many tracks feature singer Freak Slug plus Ash, Ryan Shaw-Hawkins, Fern. You can also more of Kelvin’s works on his Bandcamp page.

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New Playlist: Psychedelic Waves of Eden

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Art by Olga Sergeeva

Psychedelic-Rock: BIKE – Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request

Rompe-ferro, Rompe-nuvem, Beira-Mar
Rompe-aço, Rompe-fogo, Beija o Ar
Serra Azul, Mata Virgem, Encruzilhada
7 ondas, 7 caminhos, 7 matas


I have been listening Bike since 2015, the year they released their first album, indeed a very lysergic year for myself back in São Paulo, apparently also for many people in Brazil, doce was everywhere. Their first album 1943 changed my view on contemporary Brazilian psychedelic rock, that followed bands I have been watching for a long time, such as Boogarins. Bike, from São Paulo, always brings the true psychedelic influences to their music, with clear references to LSD and psilocybin, to start by their name itself. A band I still didn’t have the opportunity to watch alive (though they are certainly coming back to Europe). They are celebrating three years on the read, including an European tour. Bike is active not only alive but specially in the studio.

Last year, their second album Em Busca da Viagem Eterna (Searching for the endless trip) came to me as a surprise, following their 1943 in style, I made sure to add one of its tracks to Synths of Eden playlist Brasil Progressivo (below). Now, Bike is featured with their newest work Their Shamanic Majesties’ Third Request and their track Ingá. First place of our playlist. The typical sound marked by reverberated vocals and guitars full of effects. Followed by trippy lyrics, this time brings back Brazilian rural tradition, including organic instruments and other types of teas and plants. Two other important features in the album, Bonifrate in Ingá, plus Tagore in Cavalo.

In total 8 tracks. The album’s title is a clear reference to The Rolling Stones, with Their Satanic Majesties Request and Brian Jonestown Massacre ,”Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request” (1996).

You can order the vinyl copy in their official website, as much as check the dates to watch them alive in Brazil and later on in Europe. The album was recorded and mixed in Estúdio Wasabi by Diego Xavier. Mastered by Rob Grant in Poons Head Studio – Perth, Austrália. Art by Juli Ribeiro.

Bike is:

Julito – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar.
Diego Xavier – vocals, electric guitar and viola.
João Gouvea – vocals, bass and viola.
Daniel Fumega – Drums and percurssion
Brenno Balbino – Synthesizers
Pedro Bonifrate – vocal in Ingá
Tagore Suassuna – vocal in Cavalo

New Psychedelic Rock: Raindrop – Another World (2018)

Sydney-based artists Raindrop, pretty much influenced by the current neo-psychedelic scene, releases Another World, the second single from forthcoming album Meltdowns. The track also features a very nice music video, that mixes real footage with animation in a beach scenario with rocky mountains.

Raindrop is the solo project of Miles Devine guitarist for the psychedelic rock band Regular John. The whole album has been created at his home studio and counted with the support of other Sydney producers such as SPOD for the final touches.

The track has bright synths, plus a woody bass. It is a small psychedelic journey. It reminds pretty much the work of MGMT. The decision to create the album was after Regular John disbanded, with whom he had recorded and toured extensively. The bedroom studio expended and transformed into a full studio on his top floor in Sydney, called Mindfield Studios. He makes music as a sort of escapism.

With a couple of EP’s in the back catalogue, Miles has channeled his energies into creating a full-length album. With his cat and girlfriend as his only company and influence, he barricaded himself behind a wall of synthesizers and tape machines obscured by a cloud of marijuana. This strange paradise resulted in the album ‘Mild Meltdowns’. ‘’Another World,’ delves into the reality behind self-inflicted isolation and how avoiding people can skew their idea of you even further’’. Miles Devine

Raindrop’s debut LP Mild Meltdowns will be released later this year.

New Music: Mahogany Fire Surround – Hooded Stranger (2018)

The welsh psychedelic-rock band Mahogany Fire Surround released their debut single recently in 1st March,  Hooded Stranger (also available in Soundcloud, shared in our page), by Marble Hearth Records. The track starts with acoustic guitars followed by electric guitar and soft vocals, that remind Gentle Giant or King Crimson somehow, after that the track only grows, with the presence of keys and well mixed instruments about that strange hooded person.

It is not a very psychedelic 9 minutes track with lots of different breaks and experimentation with audio, vocals and instruments. But it’s indeed an excellent acoustic-like debut single from the band and if they keep working well like this we should expect more interesting material coming from Wales.

International Women’s Day – New Music: Elizabeth Goodfellow – The Way In (2018)

As today is the International Women’s Day it is the best time to share great tracks composed, performed and produced by women.

The drummer Elizabeth Goodfellow from Los Angeles, California, currently touring with the band Iron & Wine, released her first album as single artist. The whole album was mostly recorded, performed and produced by her. Though the album has many different tracks, with different vibes each, The Way In sounds like an ode to psychedelic rock, that kicks off the side B of her album Silly Sun. Not only a drummer, Elizabeth shows to be also a great singer, as much as a songwriter. Very skilled as a producer, that can release a great album and seems to have a bright future as an artist. The album is available digitally in Bandcamp, also in cassettes.

The Way In has 6 minutes and 32 seconds. Going through differents vibes, great vocals, drums and guitars.