Psychedelic Rock: Gator – Gator (2018)

Gator from San Francisco, sounds like a mixture of early-post punk with psychedelic rock, David Bowie on Station to Station style. Their homonymous album has been released in 2018, with 12 tracks, including Full Moon. The band is also organising a vinyl pre-order, which is great. Although it has a psychedelic rock kind of sound with Full Moon, all Gator tracks are pretty short, heavily influence by punk-rock, specially in the tracks’ length. The opening track The Middle Part / Summertime, is as punk as Dead Kennedys. The track Gator, sounds like being influenced by Iron Maiden or British Heavy Metal from the 80s blended with Slayer or Sepultura in the guitar, specially in the closing seconds. One thing is true, watching Gator alive would be great!

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Psychedelic Rock: Grand Sun – Flowers

Experience and, above all, a great deal of contemplation were the ingredients that made their first EP – The Plastic People of The Universe – where humanity is a cake and its idiosyncrasies, cherries, now bitter, now sweet but a bomb always about to explode.

Whenever I don’t post here for some days I feel like it’s my duty to be back and present some great independent music material. This time a psychedelic rock band from Lisbon, Portugal.  A city full of music and poetry of high quality everywhere you go on those hills. Therefore, today Synths of Eden present you Grand Sun and their 5 tracks EP The Plastic People of the Universe. It’s a late 60s style of psychedelic rock, from albums such as The Piper at The Gates of Dawn or whatever was published on the year of 1967 when it comes to rock. Flowers is a track that stands out when it comes to psychelia,  followed by The Clown, which is even heavier.


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Psychedelic Rock: Cursive – It’s Gonna Hurt

This is the third single off Cursive’s upcoming album Vitriola, out October 5th on 15 Passenger Records. The lyrics don’t have a very psychedelic context behind it, but the instrumentals and the way it evolves, the energy put behind, plus the whole arrangement and instrumentals make it a true psychedelic rock track, with many influences of 90s rock, for sure.

“This song is about watching those closest to you as they seem to deliberately self-destruct. How we find it hard to forgive them for it, but also how we carry the blame for it.” – Tim Kasher

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Psychedelic Rock: Voodoo Beach – Ozean

“It took me some time to leave my comfort zone of singing in English and to give my mother-tongue a shot. “Wahn” was the first song I wrote where it felt like it all worked and sounded natural. The band also seemed to find their sound with that song also, an 80’s German post-punk bass and drums sound seemed to catch with us all and we knew we were on the right road. John [the bassist] helped me write the lyrics so I could concentrate on finding a fluid and soft vocal sound that isn’t too German. It wasn’t easy but we discovered ourselves as a band through that process”. Verita Vi

Voodoo Beach is band from Berlin that recently released their Ozean EP, on 26th October. The EP has in total 5 tracks, with songs containing lyrics in German, which makes it even cooler. Ok English is nice and understandable, but it’s oversaturated and it never makes the same sense  as if a native speaker is singing, which can also make me think about Boogarins and how the fact that they sing in Portuguese is so important for the psychedelic rock scene in Brazil, event though they release by a US-label. Y

Listening Voodoo Beach you should pay attention to the imposing bass of Jon van Mono, besides the amazing dark vocals of Verita V, that also plays guitar. Just like our recent psychedelic rock features, such as Lukka and Heartthrob Chassis it also  draws inspiration from 70s rock and a post-punk atmosphere, like Heart and Siouxsie & The Banshes. Ignacy San is in charge of keys and vocals, while Josephine O plays the drums and sings the back vocals. If you like the style, I definitely recommend listening the whole EP.

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Psychedelic Rock: Lukka – Black Hole Fusion

Lukka is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of song-writing. Her music blurs the lines between great 60s melodies and energetic 70s hard rock, in a modern and edgy way.

Black Hole Fusion, by Lukka from New York City, sounds like a late 70s studio production. First track that comes to my mind is Barracuda from the band Heart. Many influences from old school psychedelic rock as much as 70s bands, such as Led Zeppelin. Great music. This is her latest single. She has been releasing music since 2012.

Falling through a deep black hole
Gave up to comprehend
I’ve been searching for so long
Newborn to understand that
I am
I am
I am

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Psychedelic Rock: Heartthrob Chassis – Sister

“Sister” is the epic, back-breaking album anchor Arrhythmia from Heartthrob Chassis, the Detroit-based glam garage rock band headed by Margaret Doll Rod, former songwriter and member of the stage-smashing Demolition Doll Rods. It’s a droning, buzzing, noisy dirge of a song, with layers of guitars and a psychedelic freakout that begins to spiral out into a kind of hallucinogenic chaos.

First thing that comes to my mind when I listen Sister, by Heartthrob Chassis is Sonic Youth mixed with stoner and psychedelic rock. Noisy distorted guitars with stoner vocals, full of a post-punk mood, that sometimes sound like Velvet Underground.  The album Arrhythmia has been released by Milan Records and it’s the band’s first album.

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Psychedelic Rock: Ben Millburn – Mr. Taco

Sunglass Moustache is a psychedelic record from Austin dwelling-Louisiana native Ben Millburn. It is also the name of the musicians and artists in his band and on his team. The band made the record in and around Austin, Texas at Church House (Robert Plant, Eddie Vedder, Black Angels) and Good Danny’s (Okkervil River, White Denim) studios. “We recorded the majority of the record live, vocals and all, about a week after we got back from a tour of the South. We recorded eight songs in two days. The rest of the record comes from studio improvisations and a song or two from my eight track. The first song ‘I Feel Something’ was one that we improvised in the studio.”

Mr. Taco by Ben Millburn is a psychedelic rock instrumental track that deserves a place in our Psychedelic Waves of Eden Spotify playlist. However, more than this, the whole album Sunglass Moustache released 14th of September deserves attention by fans of psychedelic rock. It has that old school feeling that from the 60s with a contemporary feeling only provided by modern studios. Tracks like I Feel Something and Mr. Tuxedo deserves total respect.  These two have vocals, like most of the tracks from the album, apart from Mr. Taco. Sunglass Moustache, the track, is something totally experimental, but that serves as a sample of all the creativity behind the creation of this album.

Psychedelic Rock: NOVELA – Wool

“Wool” examines the contradictions and deceptions inherent in every inter-/ intra-personal relationship, fooling the other, and fooling ourselves…always with the best of intentions. Three piece group featuring analog synthesizers, looping, Live and electronic drums, vocal harmonies and electric guitar/bass, AND gratifying Coda Breakdown section.

Wool has been written, performed, recorded/mixed/mastered by Novela, from Cupertino, California. Another psychedelic rock track that deserves attention by Synths of Eden and a place in our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden. Among Novela’s influences we have Pink Floyd, The Flaming Lips, Portishead, Bjork, Thundercat, Talking Heads, Dr. Dre, and My Bloody Valentine.

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Psychedelic Rock: Pekoe Cat – Door Knockers

My recording process is a little different for a few reasons. I record in my basement through a couple of mics and a Tascam US-1641 audio interface. I’ve never recorded a song that is finished being written; I write and record at the same time. So even I don’t know where the songs will end up once the recording process has started.

Door Knockers, by Canadian multi-instrumentalist/producer Kyle Woolven known as Pekoe Cat. His new tracks haven’t been released yet, but as they have been published in Soundcloud we can already listen how good they are beforehand. Specially the sound of guitar and how it’s merged with vocals. The best style of contemporary psychedelic rock we love, full of synthesizers.



Driftwood from Vanderocker, from Los Angeles  is the slow kind of psychedelic rock, with a more Garbage style of guitars and vocals. Vanderocker is atmospheric, more narcotic. It’s the first single of Vanderockers’ psych rock forthcoming album. According to her Soundcloud profile she “blends Alt Punk with Electro Pop sounds ranging from ‘sonically massive’ impressions from the era of Berlin and David Bowie; to futuristic electronic soundscapes influenced by VDR’s classical roots.“.

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