Lo-Fi Rock: AB001 & Avid Dancer – Anything

This song stems from wanting to make something last forever, knowing that everything is temporary

This is lo-fi psychedelic rock at its highest potential. AB001 & Avid Dancer are two artists that collaborated on Anything, which sounds as if it could be possible to mix music coming from the late 60s with contemporary psychedelic rock production. The mix has a great final result, as if it came from an Abbey Roads productions, with expensive tapes and everything. It also has a stunning photo collage as cover art.

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Independent Rock: Push to Shove – Stillness Suite EP

With Push to Shove (Bandcamp), we can listen to indepedent rock on its excellence. Band from Chicago that was made possible thanks to a famous website in USA called Craigslist. They have recently released their debut EP called Stillness Suite. This is “a conceptual album that tells a dark tale of a murder, twisted rationalizations, a trial, and a sort of justice. It’s kind of like if Edgar Allan Poe tried to rewrite “A Tell-Tale Heart” as a indie ballad/grunge/punk/jazz/folk song set as a crime drama and recorded it DIY-style with friends”.

Dream Pop: Holy Ship – Night Aquatic

Night Aquatic by Swedish Holy Ship has a dream pop feeling, but with an alternative rock feeling, a shoegaze spirit. It reminds me bands from the first decade of the century, like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club mixed with Crystal Castle and its electronic aspect. It has been released in early February as a single and it’s been recently as part of the Event Horizon EP, that contains a total of 5 tracks. The mix is gentle, allowing it to raise the loudness to a higher level and listen to the details more comfortably. Check our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden for more.

New Post-Punk: Japanese Television & Walking Bicycles

Today we’re going to talk about two post-punk tracks by two different bands, one has a fast drum pattern, from UK, Japanese Television with a single Bloodworm, and the other comes from Chicago, USA, Walking Bicycles, a more goth influenced band, that reminds Siouxsie and The Banshes.

ESP by Walking Bicycles, as a record, has a “live recording” feeling, as if the band actually recorded everything on the studio playing at the same time. It’s muffled, with a real ambience on it. I like the guitar’s overdrive. It feels real. The bass guitar has a big presence, marking its imposing and fast rhythm together with the drums. The electric guitar has remarking melodies that sound so natural, as if everything happened on an unforgettable jam. The band was formed in 2004. It has been released by Highwheel Records.

According to Japanese Television, their newest single, Bloodworm is “a fuzzed out trip across a sci-fi salt flat one part Barbarella two parts Krautrock”, I guess it’s an appropriate definition, if you consider the krautrock element of it. Another band that feels real and alive in the studio, well synchronized, something only a band can do. Which is well explained by their creative process. BLOODWORM, released by Tip Top Recordings in London, was recorded in an old isolated village hall onto an 8 track tape by Kristian Bell of The Wytches who had set up the makeshift studio from scratch to manifest the live sound they were after. The band said; ‘’The track only had a working title when we started recording it, we’d played it out live for the first time the night before. The name comes from a book we found in a collection of second-hand novels in the corner of the village hall. The cover of the book has a giant worm wrapped around a ruined Big Ben, which seemed to fit pretty nicely with the mood we were trying to capture! Another weird fact is that a character in the book shares the name of our guitarist, Tim Jones. He is in the book for a single page, at which point he gets eaten by a Bloodworm*.’’

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Soundcloud Upload: BadCameo – Colors and Shapes

BadCameo is a band that comes from North Carolina, in USA, their sound mixes lots of different influences, I could describe it as a jazzy, funk, pop and psychedelic rock band simultaneously. They offered Synths of Eden an mp3 from their last single Colors and Shapes. We have uploaded it in our Soundcloud profile with a free mp3 for download. They have been releasing their own music since 2017, Colors and Shapes is their fourth single, in 2018 they released their first album, called The Salem Sessions. They have been very active with live performances, counting more than 50 gigs in 2018.

We have also added Colors and Shapes to our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Interview: Moran Gang – Andromedary

Released 7th of December by Capiroto Records, Andromedary is the newest release by Swedish artist from Stockholm, Moran Gang. After his previous EP entitled Squid Tango, produced for a dance performance. Moran Gang also has another project which is his “main persona” as an artist, Nathanael Saposnikoff, released in the same year independently. With a more delicate, psychedelic rock influenced sound. With special remarks to Not Welcome and all its power. We interview him in November 2018, before the release of Andromedary, asking him to tell a bit of his story and what inspired him as an artist:

1) How was the process of composing Andromedary? What were the instruments you used to record it? How do you like to work in the studio? Considering both of your projects. How’s your creative flow? 

Andromedary started out with me messing around with the Pro Tools stock synths. Usually I work in Logic so I was just trying to get my head around Pro Tools and found this synth sound I actually liked. I drenched the vocals with chorus effects and then added a lot of swell synth pads and resonance effects using a Korg Minilogue. My favourite part, though, was recording a bunch of vocal parts and then putting them all through a step sequencer. 

For me it’s all about emotions and communicating a certain feeling. For most Nathanel Saposnikoff it’s a process of improvising with myself until I have a pretty solid feel of where things are going sound- and groove-wise. Vocals and lyrics are basically the last thing I do. Sometimes I write with a theme in mind and sometimes the emotion itself serves as a theme – even though that’s more hard to express in words. I seldom try to copy sounds or songs, it’s more of a in-the-moment kind of process.

With Moran Gang it’s a bit different. I generally don’t get caught too much in trying to achieve a certain feel or emotion, it’s more about the experimentation and having fun. I don’t put as much boundaries on Moran Gang, which is a big relief and a great way of finding an outlet musically. 

2) What changed from Squid Tango until now? 

Squid Tango was made together with dancers for a dance performance. It was made thematically and as a project with a clear goal. I love working with people from other art forms to try and achieve something from very different perspectives. We worked a lot brain storming ideas and using free association, on many hands throughout the process.

Now I’m continuing to produce Moran Gang’s material on my own. So the biggest difference is that I’m doing it all solo, but also that I’m kind of switching formats from a soundscape/noise/techno kind of music – meant to accompany other things happening in the room – to a more song based material. Squid tango was also all instrumental, from now on it won’t be. I guess it’ll be easier to listen a shorter track.

3) What are your future plans with both of your projects?

To keep writing and producing. I do it for myself, I feel the need to express myself musically. I still play in groups, but there’s a certain freedom to making music all on your own. The reason I want to release it is that, if I like it, someone else might like it too. 

4) What are your biggest influences in music considering both of your projects? What do you like to listen? Who were the key influences for Moran Gang’s project? 

For Moran Gang I have to say John Maus, no doubt. 

For Saposnikoff I think Daniel Norgren. But of course there’s a a lot of Mac Demarco and Tame Impala kind of retro vibe going on there as well. But I seldom try to recreate what I listen to or play a certain genre, which is why it might sound a little schizo or hard to pin point sometimes.

5) Besides producing your own music, are you also connected with other ways of expressing yourself artistically? 

Well I do make the artwork for both projects on my own, which is fun, but I really don’t consider myself a photographer or artist in that sense. I just do it for fun and more like a DIY thing. I have to say that I spend most of my time making music, if not with Moran Gang or Nathanael Saposnikoff its punk drumming with The Wave or experimental impro flute drone with Duo Woland. 

6) Why the name Andromedary? Why this specific animal served as inspiration for your work? 

Well from Squids you can really only go one direction. Add some galaxies to the mix and you have the perfect visual for any Moran Gang song. 

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Psychedelic Rock: Beach for Tiger – It’s Been So Long

It’s Been So Long is the opening track for Toffee EP, by Beach for Tiger, from the UK. It’s a psychedelic rock band that sounds like a mixture between Elvis Costello, Tame Impala and Blur. A pleasant track to listen. The band has been releasing their music since 2015, collecting a few singles, being Toffee their second EP after Beach for Tiger – EP (2016). Toffee, the title track, has been released as a single earlier, and deserves special remarks for its instrumentalism, that dives deeper in the psychedelic rock experimentation, presenting us with lush synthesized textures.

Prog Rock: Algorhythm – Why Now

Why Now is Algorhythm’s first single. Band from Montréal, Canada, they make a prog rock that reminds us the golden age of British progressive rock, with bands like Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Yes or their Canadian counterpart Rush. Remarkable instrumentals, they show us all their virtuous skills during 4 minutes, but with special remarks to the bass solo that starts at around 2:30 and stands for a long time, which is complemented harmoniously by guitar, keys and drums. I’m really looking forward listening their new single scheduled for release on the 24th of February. Lots of cool bands coming from Montréal, such as Ellemetue featured here in January.

Meanwhile, you can listen Why Now is our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Progressive Rock: Ajay Pawar – The Monsoon Ride

On Ajay Pawar’s own words, nothing better to describe The Monsoon Ride:

This song tries to captures various moods, emotions and stories associated with rains. Some feel romantic, Some want to relax. Farmers rejoice with the sound of rain. On the other end of the spectrum, heavy rains can cause floods and destroy cities, towns, villages and people’s lives. The song was inspired by the train journey which I took from Mumbai to Guwahati in India during the monsoon season where I witnessed rains affecting people’s lives in various ways.

released December 13, 2018
Mixing and Mastering – Luke Martin
Artwork – Molshree Jain

Ajay Pawar is an Indian artist, from Pune. Besides making his own instrumental progressive rock, he is a professional Supply Chain Consultant. He picked up guitar for the first time in his late teens and it became an inseparable part of his life ever since. He composes, records and produces music out of his bedroom studio.

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Psychedelic Rock: Grand Sun – Flowers

Experience and, above all, a great deal of contemplation were the ingredients that made their first EP – The Plastic People of The Universe – where humanity is a cake and its idiosyncrasies, cherries, now bitter, now sweet but a bomb always about to explode.

Whenever I don’t post here for some days I feel like it’s my duty to be back and present some great independent music material. This time a psychedelic rock band from Lisbon, Portugal.  A city full of music and poetry of high quality everywhere you go on those hills. Therefore, today Synths of Eden present you Grand Sun and their 5 tracks EP The Plastic People of the Universe. It’s a late 60s style of psychedelic rock, from albums such as The Piper at The Gates of Dawn or whatever was published on the year of 1967 when it comes to rock. Flowers is a track that stands out when it comes to psychelia,  followed by The Clown, which is even heavier.


The Clown has been added to our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden, that’s a great example of tracks I want to curate for that playlist: