Neo-Prog Rock: Algorhythm – Heat of the Moment

Featured here before with Why Now, Canadian prog rock band from Montreal Algorhythm is back with a new single: Heat of the Moment. It starts with a powerful solo of sax that is proceeded with a King Crimson, Prince fusion with a jazzy texture. The band was founded by songwriter, keyboardist, and vocalist, Alexander Lioubimenko, their unreleased debut EP has allowed the band to make an assertive opening statement in the Montreal music scene. According to them: “A high degree of improvisation is exhibited in the compositions providing a unique listening experience to the audience and freedom for the music itself to take shape. The concept of improvisation liberates the musician’s mind to interact with anything and everything at any given moment allowing for profound creativity. “.

Their new single Heat of the Moment has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

New Downtempo: Ohmfield – Habitual Cold

According to Ohmfield, his new track Habitual Cold was:

“Created as a contemplative piece for coming to terms with loss and the prolonged feeling of cold that can follow. I wanted to create an organic feel throughout with a good groove but by still retaining sincerity”

I felt cold by listening to it, or maybe it was just my imagination. One thing is true, the textures are freezing. With some snare stabs breaking the ice, with short decays. Smoothly. It is all followed by stunning key melodies and strings, with vocals singing “I feel cool, I feel good” or something similar to that. There are some vocoder effects after that, so typical within UK downtempo artists. Which gives the track a nice groove. Groove is the thing that breaks the habitual cold.

Music Video: MOTSA – No Fear feat. David Österle

“Born to both Austrian and Russian parents, it was the UK which played the biggest role in the pathway to the present for multi-faceted producer MOTSA (aka Valerio Dittrich). A passion led by the jungle and drum & bass cultures whilst living in Scotland at the age of 16, combined with piano lessons in his early childhood years, soon saw him start writing, producing and playing his own music. Studying sound engineering through his late adolescent years, his musical knowledge, met with natural talent, provided him with a platform to express his otherwise shy personality.”

Remarkable music video produced by Rupert Höller & MOTSA, a downtempo electronic track, with vocals. The music has been written and produced by MOTSA while the vocals and lyrics by David Österle. Well produced video and track, they sound harmonically fit to each other. No Fear has been shared in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Lo-Fi House: Conrad Clifton – Neva Seen (A Broken Heart)

A few days ago I shared Nick AM from New York with his lo-fi house. This week I’ll share the genre once again, because there’s another artist also coming from New York that deserves our attention. Making music since 2013, Conrad Clifton has recently released with Infinity Pool Records (his own label) two singles, Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) and Silent City (Everything is Connected), two tracks that should be highlighted, specially for fans of this beautiful contemporary genre, that made something great out of house music.

Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden, enjoy:

Lo-Fi House: Nick AM – USED 2 // Almond Eyes

“Love can hit you like a car crash. I made two songs to show you how that feels to me. USED 2 is about a breakup and the aftermath. Almond Eyes is about love at first sight; the potential. I hope they make you feel something”

Today we’re sharing a two tracks lo-fi house single by Nick AM from New York. USED 2 // Almond Eyes go way beyond lo-fi house as a genre, they are both full of feelings. I like the vocals of Deanna in USED 2. Overall, it’s a short single full of delightful energy, elegant in essence.

Soundcloud Upload: BadCameo – Colors and Shapes

BadCameo is a band that comes from North Carolina, in USA, their sound mixes lots of different influences, I could describe it as a jazzy, funk, pop and psychedelic rock band simultaneously. They offered Synths of Eden an mp3 from their last single Colors and Shapes. We have uploaded it in our Soundcloud profile with a free mp3 for download. They have been releasing their own music since 2017, Colors and Shapes is their fourth single, in 2018 they released their first album, called The Salem Sessions. They have been very active with live performances, counting more than 50 gigs in 2018.

We have also added Colors and Shapes to our playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Electro-Pop: Hollowlove – I Love My Computer

Although I’m sure not everybody can confirm his or her love to a computer like Hollowlove, this is a new track that deserves a spotlight. Released a month ago as a single, in the early February, I Love My Computer was inspired on Prince and Jamiroquai in Automaton, which makes it a lush electro pop. The duo formed by Keith Gillard and Ryan Slemko of Fidgital has been featured here earlier with Diamond Mine.

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Techno: SecondNature – 21st Century (2018)

Synths of Techno’s newest feature is 21st Century, by SecondNation, which is the combination of Sebastian Kühne & Emil de Beer’s minds at making techno music. This duo of producers come from South Africa. They have been voted in the Top 25 Artists under 25 in South Africa by MyCityByNight. The Second Nature sound is accustomed to a combination of aggressive basslines and driving drum work in their genre of club focused, Avant-Garde Electronic music. 21st Century has been released as a single by Fleeting Vice Records 2nd of March, 2018.

Check our playlist for more:

Techno: Airis Zapa – Iris

Iris is a new techno single by Airis Zapa, from Lithuania. It contains two tracks, Iris and Moonflight. It’s an underground material, not the fast tempo style of techno, being Iris a more danceable and groovy style of techno, with bass stabs summed by hi hats. Another great one for underground techno DJs all around.

A new feature for our techno playlist in Spotify:

New Electronic: Smok-Mon – Ensam

Producer from Gothenburg (Sweden), Smok-Mon, is back with a new Release Ensam, once again featuring the vocals of Lorentzo Jönsson, just like in his previous album 05:09 covered here before by Synths of Eden. Ensam is part of single called Ensan Ovan Molnen, which has the second track Ovan Molnen, an instrumental. As much as before, delicate sound design, very atmospheric, proper for a late night mood. Or an early morning coffee time. Chill and uplifting. Smok-Mon uses his modular together with an 808 beautifully.

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