Trip-Hop: Pablo Zuazo – São Paulo Downtown

Newest track of Pablo Zuazo (featured here before with Macaco Nu Jazz), São Paulo Downtown, referring to the biggest city of South America’s. Full of small buildings from the 50s and 60s marked by different graffiti (as shown by the artwork with Pablo and the background with São Paulo’s buildings). A place full of joy and things to do if you’re a young person looking for night adventures. Where all the commerce is, where all the people go every single day. Travelling from their distant neighbourhood in buses or metro that circulate throughout “a sea of hills”, sometimes this travel would take hours and all sorts of buses or trains.  All the commerce, all the great clubs, alternative occupations, political manifestation, the centre of Brazil’s biggest city. Where once it was just a single church formed by clever-Portuguese missionaries and indigenous people. It’s a downtown full of things and meaning. Full of layers, details, colours, where there is a lot of energy, with it’s ups and downs. Somehow this track represents it very well. You always need to stop a long time to cross the street, each time the track stops, it changes to something different. Somehow the tracks shows well the energy on that, called by Pablo as Nu Jazz. A lot to say about Pablo’s newest track. Jazzy, full of groove, samples, colours, layers… The track is available for streaming in Spotify and other stores.

Techno: Carl Saxo – Samples

This techno was written by Italian producer Carl Saxo. You can feel that old school techno vibe on it. Unfortunately, as far as I know this track hasn’t been released. By here’s the Soundcloud preview of it. Hope you all enjoy this nice techno.

Trip Hop: Hubrist – Cave Jazz

Today we feature a new trip-hop track, Cavejazz, by Hubrist, producer from Berlin. The track is part of the Cavejazz EP, though it has only 3 tracks (technically a single). You can also find the album for download in Bandcamp. It’s a faster tempo trip-hop track that will certainly not disappoint you, which mixes chill electronic music with typical hip-hop beats in a faster tempo. Almost 6 minutes of the best chill out/trip hop vibe, good for listening on a headphone as much as for the dance floor.

Souncloud Playlist: Synths of Eden – June/July

Most of the tracks featured by Synths of Eden during June and July of 2018. A considerable diversity of genres and styles one after the other. A discovery playlist. So, don’t expect a cohesive playlist. But a diverse and highly creative mix.

As the month of June had fewer number of submissions, this month’s Soundcloud Playlist came out together with the July tracks featured by Synths of Eden. In total, 42 tracks with all the different content shared by the blog.


New Black Metal: Deafheaven – Canary Yellow/Honeycomb (2018)

When I was a young fan of music and started to go deeper in the world of metal, I was around 14/15 years old, by that time, followed by a stereotype, I thought that black metal was a crap, with adults using make up and shouting things about the devil.

Until I grew up, and started to go seriously deeper on it, since the basics like Venon, Cradle of Filth, to the best current bands that released more melodic material like Alcest, Lantlos, Neurosis, Altar of Plagues, Chelsea Wolf, Trees of Eternity, just to cite a few.

All with their peculiarities, it shows that black metal can be something amazing, deep, dark, above everything really pleasant to listen, full of colours, drums with double kicks, followed by guitar riffs and a dark guttural vocals. That are contrasted with moments of calm guitars riffs in the bridge, modulated, containing an atmospheric feeling at the same time.  Combined with reminiscences of old school thrash metal, emphasised by the riffs, that prove black metal, or what has been attributed to be post-black metal, to be more than the stereotype of face paint. But also being great contemporary music. In general, all of them push the boundaries to post-rock, such as Sygur Rós and Mogwai, for instance.

Deafheaven and their last two singles Canary Yellow and Honeycomb have been reposted by Synths of Eden in Soundcloud. This band comes from San Francisco, California and is currently on tour around USA and coming to Europe soon. Their three albums are more than recommended. According to interviews given by the band, they don’t consider themselves to be a post-black metal band, because “it has been done 10 years before they were a band”.


One day after this post, 13th July, the full album has been released, called Ordinary Corrupt Human Love:

Crossover Tech-House: M!NT – Derek Foreal

Derek Foreal by New York based producer M!NT is a track that sounds like tech-house but dives in the bridge sections with use of vocals, audio samples yet being highly instrumental. It crosses genres at some points, with many hip-hop references, that is easily explained by M!NT’s latest productions, that was hip-hop and beats. Derek Foreal has been released by Outside In Records.

You can check M!NT‘s Bandcamp page for his earliest works.  The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Downtempo Funk: RJ Pasin – Sentience (Soundcloud)

As I always mention here in my reviews on Synths of Eden, there are no boundaries to music creation. If you wanna make same amazing and call it ‘downtempo funk’ you can do it, freedom of creation can allow you to do many magic thinks. In this case, RJ Pasin with Sentience gives us a 3:00 minutes of jam in different instruments, the track has amazing drums and several solos in sequences, including organ and synths, something that bring us back to mind artists like Emerson Lake and Palmer, or old style progressive rock.  Definitely, RJ Pasin is a multi instrumentalist. I recommend listening to RJ Pasin’s soundcloud profile for  other tracks of the kind.