Dubstep: The mng_0 EP

Released by Capiroto Records The mng_0 EP is for those who enjoy dubstep with a contemporary touch of genres such as Synthwave. Jeff, mng_0, mixed spoken word with heavy drum beats bass lines containing long attacks, resulting in those typical wobbling bass sounds. It’s also an EP full of sense of humour behind its creation, putting altogether post-apocalyptic squirrels, pizza and mango, which resulted in this crazy psychedelic cover art, designed by myself that was also in charge of the audio engineering, mastering all the tracks and making sure it’s sounding as best as possible. mng_0 is a producer and DJ from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and its name is a reference for Mango Tango, that was his persona when DJing at Fraternity Parties in his college. When he cut his teeth DJing and learning music production. While The mng_0 EP was his debut work, he recently released a single called Bigshot.

You can purchase and stream The mgn_0 EP via this link.

New Downtempo and IDM: Playlist Update

Today we have curated 6 different tracks that can be categorized as downtempo or IDM, both genres also share similarities as much as progressive house has with techno. As discussed yesterday. Both genres can work with slower tempos, or BPM, though not only limiting themselves to that. But also allowing themselves to explore different textures of sound design and trying to innovate in the arrangement, often breaking rules of verse, chorus and bridge.

The tracks are:
1. Kip LaVie – Blues for Sedi
2. Drinker – Something I Want
3. Bels Lontano – Florid Entanglements
4. Tourist – Emily
5. Altvater – This Pertains to Solitude
6. Pheeyownah – Gold

Kip LaVie – Blues for Sedi

Blues for Sedi was recently released as part of Kip LaVie‘s debut album named This Creator. Kip LaVie is a composer from Portland (USA) who likes to play with opposites, creating tension. The album is highly recommended for those who like downtempo electronic music, it is a rich material, with tracks exploring different textures and feelings, mixing energetic drums with keys. The whole album sounds very attached to jazz. If you listen through the album, the sensation of opposition is constantly there. It is abundant in contrasts all around, sounding a bit odd at a few moments, but still rich. Added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden.

Drinker – Something I Want

Something I Want by Drinker from New York (USA), a collab started in 2016 between
Aaron Mendelsohn and producer Ariel Loh, has a more energetic bass line, accompanied by vocals and smooth percussion. It is those types of electronic downtempo that flirt with pop music, but still holding on to what underground electronic music best has to offer. It makes me think about Björk and all the innovation and creativity she brought to pop music in the 90s and early 2000s. Something I Want has been released as a single. They have been featured here earlier with a track called Fragment II. It’s been added to the playlist Synths of Eden.

Bels Lontano – Florid Entanglements

Florid Entanglements by Bels Lontano is something more experimental. Not yet released digitally, it has danceable rhythms with vocals typical of lo-fi pop in the intro. It has a smooth transition. That in the end, really sounds like Florid Entanglements. Good production. It is the first of his self-released EP in Bandcamp, Kind Decade. Bels Lontano is a project by composer and producer Bret Bohman. According to him, his project is inspired by an eclectic range of musical and non-musical sources and, on his own words, “explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth through the creation of rich sonic tapestries and melodic beat music stemming from the traditions of IDM, hip-hop, contemporary classical and ambient. Many of the tunes from the project began as a way to cope with stress and anxiety while navigating through academia and themes like acceptance, frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed are many times at the fore of the music. Now, with the upcoming EP “Kind Decade,” a culmination of material will be released that was ten years in the making.

Tourist – Emily

Added to our playlist Chilling in Eden, Emily by Tourist is a meditative track, that use spoken voice in the intro, bringing synthesizers and drums, sounding Moby-like. It has been released as a single, but it’s also part of a 10 tracks album called Everyday, released 15th of February. That’s a very rich album if you are a fan of downtempo electronic and good textures of sound design. Perfect for a yoga or meditation session, a bicycle ride or a walk in the park with headphones.

Altvater – This Pertains to Solitude

This Pertains to Solitude was composed by Altvater, from Columbia (USA), featured here earlier with Arcturus. The track was released as a single, it sounds sad as its title, but solitude is not always bad, but should be seen as a moment to find your own inner self and accept whoever you are, therefore we need songs as this one. You can also find it in Bandcamp. It’s been added to Chilling in Eden too.

Pheeyownah – Gold

‘Gold’ is a declaration of love. With a sci-fi atmospheric mood, it paints a vivid picture of two people who are dangerously in love.”

Lastly we have Gold by Pheeyownah, Swedish from Ugandan origins, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Gold has a mellow mix, reverberated, with ethereal textures and a danceable melody. Pretty voice. It makes me think about other Swedish contemporary classics such as Little Dragon. It has been released by Labrador Records as a single. Before Gold, she released Silver before. Another remarkable single. It has been added to Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

Techno: Not Demure – Overture (JP Lantieri Remix)

Overture is a track produced by Not Demure, released on the Ostinato EP by Flemcy Music. It has been remixed by JP Lantieri. Just like his previous tracks, with a progressive character, ideal for the dance floor and for the sofa, 8 powerful minutes full of good melodies and basslines, guaranteed. The track has not yet been released on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, but you can already check here in Synths of Eden and Soundcloud, as embedded.

Synthpop: DOV – Be Your Lover

“‘Be Your Lover’ is about unfulfilled love. I wrote the song about an experience I had meeting someone when I visited a different country, with whom I totally fell in love. The whole time, though, I felt like the distance, an ocean apart, would keep this love from becoming a realty (“I will never hold another, cast out to the open sea”). It’s about that strong feeling of losing something you never actually had, that potential to meet someone, fall in love, then ask yourself if you should leave everything behind and take that leap to be with them.”

DOV is the project of multi-instrumentalist and producer Dov Eagle. He moved to NYC from Tel Aviv after serving in the Israel Defence Forces until the age 21. Which should not be the most fraternal experience, considering Israel’s character of an apartheid state and all the severe violations to human rights that have been exposed by international organisations in the last decades. Being the son of a left-wing political activist, he left Israel amidst conflicted ideals, as they didn’t fit the life he idealized to himself, as a queer liberal musician and artist.

​​​​International politics apart. Be Your Lover was released in the beginning of 2019 and proves itself to be an excellent example of what is the contemporary synthpop scene from New York, specially. This new release follows Save that featured vocalist TESHA and has been released by the end of 2018, well received by critics, such as Billboard.

Check our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden for more:

Downtempo: sad face – i knew

i knew is a track by sad face. It has been officially released on the 23rd of November, part of an EP called ok bye. Although the thematic can look depressing, including the voice sampling on the tracks themselves, besides the titles. The tracks are awesome, there’s a big energy in i knew, within all the sadness you can reach out to your inner energy and emerge, just like sad face.

The EP is also available in Bandcamp.

i knew has been added to our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

Trip-Hop: Pablo Zuazo – São Paulo Downtown

Newest track of Pablo Zuazo (featured here before with Macaco Nu Jazz), São Paulo Downtown, referring to the biggest city of South America’s. Full of small buildings from the 50s and 60s marked by different graffiti (as shown by the artwork with Pablo and the background with São Paulo’s buildings). A place full of joy and things to do if you’re a young person looking for night adventures. Where all the commerce is, where all the people go every single day. Travelling from their distant neighbourhood in buses or metro that circulate throughout “a sea of hills”, sometimes this travel would take hours and all sorts of buses or trains.  All the commerce, all the great clubs, alternative occupations, political manifestation, the centre of Brazil’s biggest city. Where once it was just a single church formed by clever-Portuguese missionaries and indigenous people. It’s a downtown full of things and meaning. Full of layers, details, colours, where there is a lot of energy, with it’s ups and downs. Somehow this track represents it very well. You always need to stop a long time to cross the street, each time the track stops, it changes to something different. Somehow the tracks shows well the energy on that, called by Pablo as Nu Jazz. A lot to say about Pablo’s newest track. Jazzy, full of groove, samples, colours, layers… The track is available for streaming in Spotify and other stores.

Techno: Carl Saxo – Samples

This techno was written by Italian producer Carl Saxo. You can feel that old school techno vibe on it. Unfortunately, as far as I know this track hasn’t been released. By here’s the Soundcloud preview of it. Hope you all enjoy this nice techno.