Music Video: Y.LOH – Trig

I love electronic music videos that show the metro, subway, underground, tube, whatever you might call it where you live. Y.LOH does it magnificently with Trig, the footages shift beautifully in connection with the sound. Y.LOH is a deep house composer and producer that lives in New York. Originally he is a classical pianist and former apprentice of Hans Zimmer. According to him, he “draws inspiration and identity from natural environments, specially from his home town in the edgy and beautiful Sonoran desert”. Trig has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

New Psychedelic Rock (Music Videos)

Today we selected two music video by contemporary psychedelic rock bands. The first is San Pedro by Visual Eyes, according to them “a band of sonic messengers sent through the Universe with a message for humanity”. They released their first debut album Vibrations. It has that DIY appeal, but it served well to represent the feeling of San Pedro, the opening track of Vibrations. It’s possible to feel in San Pedro some influences from Animals of Pink Floyd, more specifically Dogs.

Besides the music video, Vibrations has a great cover art, that also portraits many cactus. San Pedro has been featured in our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden.

The next track is Mirage by Hola Chica, band from Barcelona. Also a simple video, that portraits an illustration for Mirage, a great work with photocollage by the way. They call themselves an indie-rock band that was founded in 2013. Most of their influences are Lolapalooza bands, Metronomy, Blur or some Australian psychedelic bands, such as Pond or Tame Impala. All of them which I had the pleasure to watch in a few festivals in São Paulo back in the days (with exception of Blur). Their debut album has been released in November 2016, called Magnetism. While for Mirage, it has been released as a single in 2018.

Mirage has also been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Playlist: Funky Flavors [electro funk, glitch pop & break beats] by blog Stereofox

Today we’re sharing a playlist curated by the music blog Stereofox called Funky Flavors. It came to us via our Playlist Form, where we receive playlists or mixtapes submission by different curators. Certainly it’s introducing some genres new to this blog, which makes it an interesting asset to be shared. It has a nu-disco vibe, with lots of groove bass-lines and keys. A playlist that would make George Clinton and Afrika Bambaataa smile, close their eyes and shake their heads. They accept submissions, via Submithub. Around 50 tracks of a great mood playlist.

Playlist: Synthwave 101 (Over 900 Artists Curated and Always Updated) by Neon Fawkes

A playlist by Neon Fawkes, Julian Green from Canada, according to him the playlist is about: “Synthwave (all sub genres). Over 900 artists. Your one stop shop to discover all the artists that create this beautiful music. Pre-sorted with new discoveries at the top. Curated and always updated.”

Submissions are accepted, so if you are a Synthwave artist or have Synthwave tracks to suggest, message Neon Fawkes in his social media profiles, he’s an active Twitter user @julesneonfawkes

Synths of Eden is back: Odd XX – Restart (Music Video)

That’s it! We’re back, with lots of exciting music to share.

First of them is Restart by Odd XX, solo project of Berlin-based composer and producer, Turi Agostino from Australia. A track that has been interpreted as a dance, on a music video created by Choreographer Edith Buttingsrud Pedersen and Theatre Director Jahman Davine. It talks about a broken love, letting go of what once was and starting over. Agostino seeks to channel through Odd, the various musical frequencies that oscillate between dark and industrial: tender and melodic, which is true for Restart. Vocals have been performed by Star Kendrick from the band Geowulf.

You can check more of what we curated in our playlist Synths of Eden:

Downtempo: sad face – i knew

i knew is a track by sad face. It has been officially released on the 23rd of November, part of an EP called ok bye. Although the thematic can look depressing, including the voice sampling on the tracks themselves, besides the titles. The tracks are awesome, there’s a big energy in i knew, within all the sadness you can reach out to your inner energy and emerge, just like sad face.

The EP is also available in Bandcamp.

i knew has been added to our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden:

New Playlist: Best of CAN

Synths of Eden curated the best tracks from German Krautorck band CAN (that are less than 10 minutes long). This is a special playlist for old fans or for those who want to discover the greatest tracks by CAN.

If you are interested, there are plenty of LPs of CAN available for purchase from all over the world via eBay. On a very affordable price for reissue vinyls. As much as from Spoon Record’s official website linked above.

Spotify Playlist – 90s Metal: Scott Burns (Producer) – Best Of

90s metal is not the usual style covered by Synths of Eden, but it’s a style of fundamental importance in the recent music history, especially the work of some great bands and producers that are worth being shared.

So here’s a playlist edited by LPascolatti (this blog’s editor) for all those metalheads that eventually follow/read our blog. A collection of tracks that were part of albums produced by Scott Burns during the 90s, including classics from Death, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Obituary and others.

Synths of Techno: TaxKiller – FK Taxes

Synths of Techno newest feature is FK Taxes from German producer TaxKiller. Amazing techno, aggressive, full of energy, with those dark-quite-distorted voices speaking in the background, as much as those long synth lines that embellish the rhythm. A great track for the pinnacle of a DJ Set. It has been released 24th August by Baroque Records.

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