Electronic: Moran Gang – Andromedary

And every rhythm is a fire
Just want to be part of your tiles
So let us push these things aside
And start ourselves a paradigm

Capiroto Records presents you Moran Gang, from Stockholm, Sweden, and his single new single Andromedary. He provides us a delicate experimentalism, that shows the subtlety of synthesizers summed by poetic vocals. It’s etheric, starting slowly, growing, exploding with bright lead synth lines and ending gloriously, fading as a message or a blown leaf.

Moran Gang or Nathanael Saposnikoff, comes from Stockholm and generally plays in a couple of different groups and projects. He started producing solo materials under his alias (Nathanael) about 2 years ago and around the same time started to produce music for a dance performance that was more electronically oriented. Later on, he released the result of that show as Moran Gang (the EP ‘Squid Tango‘) and he is working continuously with both projects. The music for Nathanael Saposnikoff is more personal, more analogue, or indie-psych-dreamy oriented, while Moran Gang is electronic oriented, with drops of experimentation. Both projects are all produced by Nathanael throughout the whole process.

Check our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden for more:

Downtempo: Conformal – Tjörveln EP

There’s a delicate, uplifting yet obscure style of electronic music coming from Sweden, just like Smok-Mon featured here earlier in September. We now explore the sounds of Conformal, that released his Tjörveln EP, with special attention to Tåglek, embedded here. Primal sound design, that shares many similarities with the work of Smok-Mon too, using detuned synthesized sounds as rhythm.

Conformal is a DJ/producer based in Stockholm that releases his music by his own label Lima Express. Tåglek has been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

Uplifting Beats: Zap Holmes – Bumblebee Bad Boy

Bumblebee Bad Boy by Zap Holmes is an uplifting hip-hop style track that: “is about not being so bad even if you try.” Well, sometimes what actually happens is the opposite, you try not to be so bad, but end up being really bad, in the most optimistic scenario. Zap Holmes is here to prove us that you can, sometimes, try to be bad at something and end up not being that much. If he tried to make a bad track with Bumblebee Bad Boy, for sure this was a failed mission, as this is a great electronic/future beats work. 

Zap Holmes has been releasing tracks since 2014 and Bumblebee Bad Boy is this Gothenburg’s producer most streamed track so far.

This track has been featured in our Chilling in Eden Spotify playlist to provide it with its cheerful feelings:

Dub Techno: TTilawok – Rooted

Rooted was released this 25th of May by TTilawok, part of the album Into Memory (Bandcamp), another singular techno track, surely not the one you’ll listen in your underground local techno club. TTilawok calls it dub techno in his metadata, not without a purpose, as this track mixes techno with ethereal synth pads. The track, as much as for the whole album itself, is highly composed by danceable chord progressions, rhythms and arpeggiated sequences.  It has been recorded in EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), Stockholm, during the years of 2016/2017. Besides being released digitally it is also being distributed in cassettes, that can be ordered by Bandcamp as well.

The album does not limit itself to techno, also trespassing the fields of house, acid, dub, ambient and downbeat. Rooted is being featured is our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden.

Bio: TTilawok is a photographer and electronic music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His photography utilizes double exposure to create unique scenes from both natural and human born landscapes. His musical style ranges from deep house and techno to lo-fi, minimal, and ambient. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, he traverses the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat.

For those YouTube lovers out there, here you go the embedded music video:

New Synth Music: Radikal Rat – Get Horizontal

Already featured in our Synthwave Spotify Playlist before, with a track called Shinobi, that initially annoyed me, as I’m a big fan of the original Shinobi soundtrack from Yuzo Koshiro. But after listening to it quite a few times I released it was not a just another synthwave track, but it had a special brilliancy in itself, with those Japanese strings amidst organic synthesizers in the best style.

Now Radikal Rat from Stockholm, Sweden, come back with a new track: Get Horizontal. Represented by an interesting art cover as well. That plays with geometry, colours and the reflective humanoids from different sex walking on opposite stairs, an impressive and sensitive piece, as much as the track itself. This track is sensitive enough that brings me back to mind some tracks of Pomegranates by Nicolas Jaar.  This shows how much Radikal Rat has been growing as a music producer, getting into a more lo-fi and complex style of music, with a deeper touch, while remaining with that characteristic 80s style.

According to them: “The track is inspired by 80s fusion artists such as Yellow Jackets”. And “Radikal Rat will put out new music every month of 2018 together with visuals in different formats”. So let’s keep an eye out for Radikal Rat. To celebrate this new release the Spotify Playlist Synthwave in Eden has been updated with Get Horizontal in the top today:



Downtempo: Uma E Fernqvist – For U

Uma E Fernqvist has been an artist for at least 20 years and emphasizing  artist, with performances filled with experimentalism and improvisation, to musical installations and dance performances. She is heavily influenced by the 90’s downtempo, trip hop, cinematic moods and electro technical soundscapes; so, it’s no surprise when she comes up with the ‘Reverse‘ EP.

In her own words:

“For U” is about a wait that almost makes you destructively paralysed and puts you in a vacuum of beautiful melancholy. A wait for someone… or for myself.’

For U was recently released and it is part of the ‘Reverse EP‘. It’s as if the artist herself described, “the vacuum of beautiful melancholy” in which you do not know if you’re alone or surrounded by a mix of blissful instrumentation and pulsing percussion, in a way, it does not let you feel alone.

Got curious about what she has come up with?

You can check up the song For U on SoundCloud as embedded. An insider tip, pay attention to every note, don’t just listen while you do something else. The track is also available in Spotify, a special addition to your melancholic playlist, and if you want to hear more tunes like this one, make sure to follow and listen our playlist Synths of Eden.

Post-Rock/Trip-Hop: JUNODEF – Gold (Alternative Version)

“as women we know the importance of recognising each other’s work. In the music industry you actively have to search for women to cooperate with, or you are most likely to end up with a cis-male dominated team. That is why this project was run entirely by women. The music, script, and screenplay were written by women, and it was directed by, shot and edited by women.”

With this quotation I present you Gold by Swedish band Junodef.

Junodef from Lund, Sweden, makes an unique blend of post-rock, trip-hop, highly influenced by artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. They started in the Swedish underground scene and then relocated to London. The fact that they moved to London also impacted their sound, making them experiment even further with electronic music, such as trip-hop.

Their debut album Oceans came out in 2017, since then they’ve been busy with a big range of projects for 2018. Their track ‘Gold’ came out in Sweden with a thrilling music video, Romain Gavras style of violence, but a bit more mellow.

You can stream Junodef by Spotify:


Vinyl: Smok-Mon – 05:09

After featuring Smok-Mon and his chill track Serotonin, it’s time to write a remind post about how nice the whole album is, specially when you can hear it in vinyl that came directly from Gothenburg. In total 7 tracks of minimum and chill electronic sounds, besides, the art cover is amazing, representing some synthesizers such as Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a Snorlax costume. Plus, amazing vocals from Lorentzo Jönsson.

You can purchase the 12′ vinyl in Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records website: https://www.siftw.com/shop/3p72v96iu2u3pvzlq3ga858466wy8x

Saturday Track: Biskuwi – Norse

It’s Saturday and the week has been hard. So my day has been fully dedicated on playing Skyrim Special Edition who was in a big discount in Steam this Saturday. Off-topics apart. I had to come and leave a track for this special evening. Special track for when you’re relaxing. The bass notes present in this track are imposing, but not without high notes to mark the tempo, in a melodic way. This is Norse by Stockholm based producer Biskuwi (Yalcin Efe).

Biskuwi has been producing electronic music since 2010. You can check his Soundcloud here for more tracks (as embedded). His sound is highly influenced for traditional techno and house. His music is a kind of progressive house, or tech-house with field recording and imposing sound design. Fully instrumental.

You can stream it on Spotify. Norse is a 2 track EP, with Transient States as a second track.


Downtempo: boerd – Fragment II

“I love the recording of the little boy talking about his poor family and the conditions they live in. He sounds kind of optimistic in a way, even though what he’s talking about sounds pretty terrible. We all go through hard times and maybe this track is about coping with it and coming out at the other end.” Bård Ericson

Swedish producer boerd releases downtempo track Fragment II, it all starts with an audio sample, with a little boy’s voice and chill synthesizers as background. The first beats remind the work of producers such as Four Tet. The single was released by AnjunaDeep.

Besides producing electronic music, Bård Ericson, is also a bass player for the Swedish Royal Opera, Swedish Radio Symphony and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Another interesting fact is that he started composing electronic music as an adolescente doing chiptune. Therefore, his music composition can focus on different aspects of music creation than a regular bedroom music producer. He attributes Fragment II to be about “coping with the poor conditions and hard times life can throw at you and coming out the other end”.

The track can also be streamed by Spotify,