IDM/Techno: Infinity Interface – Convergence One

Currently resident of Earth (Sol System), it is the chosen task of the spirit/mind/body complex known as Infinity Interface to bring awareness of the nature of consciousness and universal oneness to the various life-forms residing on that sphere. This information transfer has been scheduled as a series of audio recordings, the first of which “Convergence One” has been disseminated amongst the population in the year 2018.

As much as for all the tracks that are labelled as IDM, don’t expect anything traditional that you can say “it looks like techno”, “it looks like this or that”. So we have here Convergence One by electronic musician Infinity Interface, based in Berlin. A 7 seven track that is all in one. It starts as a techno and ends up being everything after a drop, a synthwave with a four on the flour beat. It’s singular. The track is part of album called Convergence One.

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Electronic: Maribou State – Nervous Tics feat. Holly Walker (DJ Tennis Remix)

British duo Maribou State has been featured in Synths of Eden in June with Feel Good and Turnmills. Their new album Kingdoms In Colour, out September 7th on Counter Records, comes together with a series of remixes and reworks, such as Nervous Tics feat. Holly Walker (DJ Tennis Remix). This track sounds like a deep style, with the best instrumentation of Maribou State allied with the creativity inside DJ Tennis that provided us with this superb arrangement and mix.

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Electronica: Semper Volt – Babiloving

Muito grudado, muito tudo junto
Interligados pelo nosso culto
Indubitavelmente mundo fútil
Dentro passado fora passo curto

Passar o dedo pelo cabelo dela
Ele queria aaa
E pendurava a calcinha na janela
Ela que ria aaa

Babiloving is the new track from São Paulo based producer Semper Volt, feature here in the blog before with Leve. According to João Tenório (Semper Volt), the track started as a hip hop beat that evolved after having some vocals added to it, with some more jazzy influences. The track was written in a blues scale, being inspired by many contemporary Brazilian artists, such as Céu or Nação Zumbi.

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New Electronic: Smok-Mon – Ensam

Producer from Gothenburg (Sweden), Smok-Mon, is back with a new Release Ensam, once again featuring the vocals of Lorentzo Jönsson, just like in his previous album 05:09 covered here before by Synths of Eden. Ensam is part of single called Ensan Ovan Molnen, which has the second track Ovan Molnen, an instrumental. As much as before, delicate sound design, very atmospheric, proper for a late night mood. Or an early morning coffee time. Chill and uplifting. Smok-Mon uses his modular together with an 808 beautifully.

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Downtempo/R&B: Kamaliza – Zenith

‘Zenith’ represents the two minds that can be found when entering a new relationship. There are always reservations about heading into uncharted territory, but this is usually coupled with excitement and enthusiasm. The track features themes of trust, patience, understanding and the desire to help one another out of their shell.

Australian producer Kamaliza presents us with Zenith, a track that mixes R&B with a Sam Smith style of singing (the way he does on his collabs with the internationally recognised British deep house duo Disclosure). Plus, that electronic downtempo feeling of producers like Bonobo blended with an UK Garage. Great lyrics, chorus, production, bass, great track in general.

Kamaliza (John Salamba) is based in western-Sydney, Australia. According to him, he is a self taught musician who has honed his craft to become an artist that writes, produces, mixes, and performs all of his original material – creating a style that blends electronic R&B/Soul with UK Garage influences.

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Downtempo/Trip-Hop: Aydio – The Surface of Revolution

The Surface of Revolution by London based Aydio is a colourful downtempo track, with oriental vocals, several different layers of instruments that sound incredibly well altogether. Part of the album Inversion. Sonrisa is another track that deserves attention, the whole track has many instruments recorded, such as an amazing bass, plus the whole set of drums itself, very nice percussion, as much as the same style of sampled vocals. Aydio has a huge discography in Bandcamp and Spotify, so there are plenty of music he can provide us.

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Alternative Electronic: Cubicolor – Counterpart

With Counterpart we wanted to write a song that worked on a dance floor but that could equally be played as a band. Finding legendary drummer Rich Spaven (Cinematic Orchestra, Flying Lotus) was the final missing piece where we found what we were looking for – a dance record that had a combination of the organic and the electronic.

Today we are featuring Counterpart by Cubicolor released on Anjunadeep. Though the trios claims they wanted to make a dance track, it didn’t make me feel like listening a dance track whatsoever. This one one goes better performed by a band.  I’d rather enjoy Counterpart sitting in my chair, listening each layer of sound that is juxtaposed one after the other.  All layers are followed by vocals that in the end sound like a Radiohead style in the time of In Rainbows. We can listen a combination of strings and the amazing drum of Rich Spaven, as mentioned in the quote. Definitely a good combination of organic and electronic.

Cubicolor consists of Dutch producers Ariaan Olieroock & Peter Kriek and British producer / lead vocalist Tim Digby-Bell, the electronica three piece are following the release of their debut album Brainsugar in 2016.


Experimental: Aesaire – Good Intentions

An instrumental tale of unintended consequences. Things don’t always go the way you want them to.

A complex blend of synthetic and metallic sounds against an analog synth atmosphere. The fast break beat is contrasted against the contemplative ambient melodies and rhythmic pulses.

Good Intentions from Aesaire is a highly inventive track, it starts with orchestral strings, growing to be an aggressive electronic track, Prodigy style. The greatest remark about this track is certainly its variety of finely designed tunes and layers working harmonically at the same time, without secret, but beautifully. Described by Aesaire as: metallic and synthetic sounds, created using a variety of processes such as frequency modulation, feedback and sampling.

Art by El_ot.

Aesaire is a Malaysian electronic music producer that claims to hate many different songs that exist, including his own. Driven by his own hate towards every music, even those made by the most internationally recognised artists, he forces himself to experiment with as much genres as possible. According to him, “there’s no set formula, but some recurring themes include: distortion, ambient sounds, glitches, fluidity and rhythmic pulses”.

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