Experimental: Aesaire – Good Intentions

An instrumental tale of unintended consequences. Things don’t always go the way you want them to.

A complex blend of synthetic and metallic sounds against an analog synth atmosphere. The fast break beat is contrasted against the contemplative ambient melodies and rhythmic pulses.

Good Intentions from Aesaire is a highly inventive track, it starts with orchestral strings, growing to be an aggressive electronic track, Prodigy style. The greatest remark about this track is certainly its variety of finely designed tunes and layers working harmonically at the same time, without secret, but beautifully. Described by Aesaire as: metallic and synthetic sounds, created using a variety of processes such as frequency modulation, feedback and sampling.

Art by El_ot.

Aesaire is a Malaysian electronic music producer that claims to hate many different songs that exist, including his own. Driven by his own hate towards every music, even those made by the most internationally recognised artists, he forces himself to experiment with as much genres as possible. According to him, “there’s no set formula, but some recurring themes include: distortion, ambient sounds, glitches, fluidity and rhythmic pulses”.

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Dream Pop: FMFL – Functional Music for Lovers (Album)

Today we’re again talking about Brazilian-born producer Adam Matschulat and his debut album as FMFL. His first singles have been covered by this blog in March, such as Hear my Heart, when we also interviewed him about his plans for 2018, such as releasing an album as FMFL. The album got released a little later than expected and with less tracks than promised; yet, it is a special material that cannot go unnoticed by Synths of Eden. In fact, FMFL’s album comes out as something dark, impressive and delicate at the same time. A mixture of Adam’s feelings with a blend of trip-hop, summed by a Björk style of experimentation.

Adam lives in London where he writes, records and produces “Functional Music for Lovers” in his own home studio, released by RESTERECORDS. Clearly the album has been written in a hard period for Adam and you can tell it by the melancholy that takes over throughout the tracks. Of course, it is not only about melancholy and suffering, even though most of the tracks take this route, it is clear the different shades, some more hopeful, others more neutral.

FMFL explores simple melodies and bright synth lines that bring back Adam’s childhood with a sense of nostalgia tinged melancholy. The track “I Don’t Know What to Do” is a good example of an introspective melancholic state that is counterbalanced by “Lost Love Songs” a much more uplifting track.

The album itself is filled with synthetic textures, calm, delicate and worm vocal lines that provide us with peace, drive by compelling drum patterns. Somehow, it makes us feel as if we’re in a deep slumber, numb to the reality, especially in the track “Up to the Sky” the wheezing sounds makes you wake up briefly, so you know you are still breathing.

The album closes with “Hear my Heart”, the song that we talked about back in March. Which talks about the connection between listeners and music. Plus, how it is translated to the connection between people. All of it in a bright-melancholic way.

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

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New Electronic: Drinker – Fragment II

How fleeting and elusive to feel fulfilled in such a strange world. When you search for it in another person and look at what you find, it never feels like what you expected, so you search for something new. You look inside, you think you find it, but when you come back out, it just fades into the noise around you.

Listening to Drinker, the first think that comes in my mind thinking about all the material covered by the blog is British producer Yuki Ame. Though Drinker is an project created in USA, its style reminds British post-bubstep or UK Bass, such as Mount Kimbie, also featured here before with their 2010 album Crooks and Lovers.

Drinker is a project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh. Fragment II is the second single from their upcoming debut LP “Fragments”.

Fragments II has been featured in Synths of Eden:


Electro: JohnT – Kalibr

The highly creative and productive JohnT comes out again with a new track Kalibr. French producer from Marseille , previously featured here (read for bio) with Ferkop, a techno inspired track, yet innovative. As for Kalibr, it’s a very danceable electro, Streets of Rage style, with a groove.

It’s also the newest feature of Synths of Eden:


New Release: Baird – The Library of Bible

The Library of Bible is a must listen if you like original electronic music, not only electronic of course, but music itself (the one recorded on a studio), that goes beyond the boundaries of genre. This track is divided in five parts, with its 7:42 of length, it’s hard to describe what Baird does, it’s seems like a big musical adventure that can be everything in less than 10 minutes. Baird is responsible for the performance and recording of vocals, piano, guitar and percussion, which were mixed by him as well, but expect a lot of synthesizers as well. Released by Majestic Casual Records.

It is also the newest feature of Synths of Eden, which from now on will grow until it reaches up to 70 tracks instead of its currently 50.

Indie Rock Discovery: POLIÇA

By collaborators Igor and Wallace


Poliça means Police in Polish. Originally an Indie Rock formed in 2011 in  Minneapolis (USA), blending electronic music and R&B. One of their main characteristics are synth-made basslines that make us feel beats in our chest, Very Cruel brings an almost magic energy. No wonder that is part of the soundtrack of The Magicians, a SciFi TV series based on the homonymous books by Lev Grossman.

Resultado de imagem para poliça shulamith

The choice of Very Cruel for the soundtrack was more than correct, mainly by the standard of sound established by the band that sings it. Another track we can bring to light is Wandering Star from their previous album, Give You to The Ghost (2012). This one goes beyond their average tunes and is summed by visual effects in a video clip.

This one speaks of a lady artist who sees her paintings coming to life, while she turns into art herself. Both in The Magicians’ world, as well as in the Wandering Star clip, we can find magic as a no easy-to-handle element. All the questions involving political systems, divine limitations make the magic much more palpable. This is how the music of POLIÇA makes you feel as if magic itself was something easy to play with.

Another track worth commenting for the same reasons mentioned above is Lay Your Cards Out (2012). We can find evidence of transcendental enjoy in this song, so uniquely, that it becomes the setting of a dystopic universe where magic really exists! It is in this artistic environment that POLIÇA finds inspiration and attracts their audience with songs that touch deeply the feelings.

Lay Your Cards Out is the newest feature of our Synths of Eden playlist:

Souncloud Playlist: Synths of Eden – June/July

Most of the tracks featured by Synths of Eden during June and July of 2018. A considerable diversity of genres and styles one after the other. A discovery playlist. So, don’t expect a cohesive playlist. But a diverse and highly creative mix.

As the month of June had fewer number of submissions, this month’s Soundcloud Playlist came out together with the July tracks featured by Synths of Eden. In total, 42 tracks with all the different content shared by the blog.


New Release: David August – D’ANGELO

Two years ago, I had this urgent desire to have a true dialogue with myself,”David explains. “All these influences came during the process of finding an identity, the own story and not being a slave of whatsoever. I had to go back in time, confront my Italian roots and embody this rich culture as much as possible into my work. Something I never did before and sad enough I needed 26 years to do so.” 

David August, artist from Berlin, released in the beginning of July his single D’Angelo, that will be part of his new 7 tracks album, that has been signed with [PIAS] Recordings. This sound immediately brings back Darkside (2013), band composed by Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington. The album was recorded in Italy and was inspired in the paintings of Caravaggio.

The newest features of Synths of Eden are Paper Trails – Darkside and D’ANGELO by David August.


Loop Track: Narcsus Prye – LOOP 3

Using a loop as a foundation,producer from London,Narcsus Prye composed his whole track, LOOP 3. In the final result sounds very nice, proving that making music can be done in many different ways, such as using a loop as bass and develop this into something new inside an arrangement, also not the easiest thing to do. Much more than with a single track, the whole album is called 8 Loops, with a self-explanatory title.

The track has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:


(Nu) Disco: Kazy Lambist – Do You

Today we’re talking about electro-pop with a funky touch. We’re bringing back Kazy Lambist, a French artist that was born and still lives in Montpellier where he started and constructed his career.

In March of this year, he released the album 33000 FT. however, he’s still on fire and that’s why we’re talking about him again so soon, this time with the track Do You. Lambist is still on the same game, but this song comes with a touch of drama that makes the feelings go a bit off with the beat.

Resultado de imagem para Kazy Lambist - Do You

It’s even possible to make a parallel with the song we talked about back in March – Love Song – they follow the same recipe but deliver two completely different dishes. Love Song is a chill song with a strong bass line while Do You that is much more intricated and with the ability to get down into your bones but with the same bass skeleton in which the lyrics and other components manage to grow from.

This is a true work of art when it comes to electro-pop, and if you’re really into it, you can dive even deeper getting to know other artists such as Metronomy and Seth XVI with the song How She Goes delivering a much similar vibe to Love Song.

Do You is also the newest feature from our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden:

By collaborators Wallace & Igor