New Release: Clyde – Tides

Released on November 30th by Sine Language Records. Tides by Clyde was released as an EP, containing two remixes by Jvred and Buran, plus a track called Boats Not Horses. In general, both tracks are highly influenced by the English style of IDM and unorthodox techno.

Bio: Clyde began making music at an early age, after discovering electronic music through film scores and video game soundtracks. Gradually, his interests shifted towards the fringes, particularly music released in the early 2000s on labels such as Warp Records and Ninja Tune. This love for electronic music continued to grow as he left Manchester for Leeds and became immersed in local techno culture. Here, he was able to hone his production skills through whilst studying before moving to London, where he currently resides. Having released a number of tracks under different aliases and styles over the years, Clyde’s sound has matured and developed into something unique.

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New Electronic: Wiki Chaves – Bangkok

The original song, Bangkok, combines electronic music patterns with traditional Latin American percussions and guitar riffs. The rest of the songs are remixes from Whirling Wolf releasing artist Claus Vega, Timoti, Kaan and Thommie G, reinforcing the idea of the album as a cross path between electronic and Latin America’s music.

Featured in Synths of Eden before with Tribal, Argentinian producer Wiki Chaves is back with a new track Bangkok. As much as with Tribal, Wiki Chaves drew inspiration from his South American roots to compose the rhythm and melodies to what is his kind of electronic music. The use of string instruments is something typical of Wiki Chaves when it comes to producing his tracks, he shows his skills as a guitarist. Bangkok comes out as an EP, featuring the original mix plus other 4 remixes, including a great remix of Tribal by Timoti.


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Electronic: Moran Gang – Andromedary

And every rhythm is a fire
Just want to be part of your tiles
So let us push these things aside
And start ourselves a paradigm

Capiroto Records presents you Moran Gang, from Stockholm, Sweden, and his single new single Andromedary. He provides us a delicate experimentalism, that shows the subtlety of synthesizers summed by poetic vocals. It’s etheric, starting slowly, growing, exploding with bright lead synth lines and ending gloriously, fading as a message or a blown leaf.

Moran Gang or Nathanael Saposnikoff, comes from Stockholm and generally plays in a couple of different groups and projects. He started producing solo materials under his alias (Nathanael) about 2 years ago and around the same time started to produce music for a dance performance that was more electronically oriented. Later on, he released the result of that show as Moran Gang (the EP ‘Squid Tango‘) and he is working continuously with both projects. The music for Nathanael Saposnikoff is more personal, more analogue, or indie-psych-dreamy oriented, while Moran Gang is electronic oriented, with drops of experimentation. Both projects are all produced by Nathanael throughout the whole process.

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New Electronic: Little People – Tonight

Tonight, by London based producer Little People, is a powerful track, full of rhythmic FMish tunes, nothing more appropriate for a nocturnal mood. Downtempo, quiet slow, not the best fit for the usual club mix, but it’s highly suitable for a chill DJ Set, the ideal company for some drinking or smoking with some friends at night. The bass is something more subtle, with a short decay,  pizzicato like.  However, the track progresses, turning to something more energetic before fading out in the same way as it started. The track provides us several impressive synth tunes during its arrangement, from standard to experimental sound designs.

Tonight is Little People’s first single for his upcoming album Landloper. You can also find it in Bandcamp.

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House: Mokhov – Joy Wave

The most uplifting and catchy electronic dance music. Sounds like a cross between Daft Punk and Aphex Twin. Made using only sounds from a Jupiter-6 analog synth.

Joy Wave by Mokhov, producer from Las Vegas, sounds like a house with lush synthesizers, that are more typical of ambient music, chill out or some progressive techno or house. It’s atypical, at some point sounds like an old car race game soundtrack.  It has been released on an EP called Jupiter Melodies, with 6 tracks or around 5 minutes each. Mohkov releases a different EP each year on the same format, changing only the colour of cover arts since 2011. It’s also possible to purchase Mohkov’s work on Bandcamp.

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Trip-Hop: The Desert – Gone

Gone’ is about losing something or someone abruptly and how that can make you go a bit crazy. Gina’s voice is quite hoarse in the recording, which helps convey the desperation& frustration. There’s also a kind of excitement in that ‘fuck it’ feeling. The track is overall more positive than negative with each chorus ending ‘but I’ll find somewhere to put it’

Gone by The Desert, from Bristol, sounds like traditional trip-hop tracks from the 90s made by fresh artists. That dark feeling, suitable for the night time or grey rainy day. Gone will be part of their latest unreleased EP by Funnel Music. The lyrics are visceral, it makes totally sense if you’re someone who just lost a dear one.

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Electronica: Big Voyage – Jellyfish Bloom (Pt. 3)

Inspiration came from a truly modern phenomenon: as a result of climate change, the worldwide jellyfish population is exploding as other marine life declines rapidly. To capture this unsettling occurrence, Elias took cues from pioneer of 20th century minimalism Steve Reich to map pulsing overlapping patterns of melody to complex time-signatures in order to evoke an ever-growing inhuman mass. The three parts of the suite suggest the beginning, middle and end of what he suggests is “a cataclysm that is too often only ever thought of as perpetually ‘approaching’. Part 1 foreshadows the upheaval of Part 2, Part 3 represents the rise of an eerie new ecology that may well be very favorable to jellyfish and algae but may not have room for us.”

Jellyfish Bloom Suite is a conceptual single by Elias Ravin, known as his artist name Big Voyage, from Brooklyn, United States. It starts as a hypnotic arpeggio, that gives you the feeling of being floating inside the ocean.  Followed by tribal drums. The second part is a big reference to heavy metal as a style, combined with electronic music. That ends in its most trippy part the third, that has been embedded above. It resembles the first part, but more energetic and less jazzy.

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Tribal Futurism: Teleseen – Lucia

Teleseen is the project of Gabriel Cyr, a producer and DJ based between NYC and Rio de Janeiro. His music draws on wide range of global influences from samba and dub to the darker corners of deep house and Detroit techno and the experimentalism of his hometown. Known for his shifting, polyrhythmic programming style and psychedelic synth work, his music has been released on labels such as 100% Silk, Boomarm Nation, Percepts and Goldmin Music

More great music coming from Portugal, though just as a label. As it was produced by artist based between New York and Rio de Janeiro. This is Lucia, by Teleseen, released September 7, 2018 by The Slow Music Movement Label, from Lisbon. Plus, the artwork was created by Harriet Richardson, a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Berlin. The track is followed by Bronze by Gold, that together make Lucia EP. The tracks if full of energy, with a bright sound design, mixing different rhythmic elements that make it danceable, with a certain organic touch on the shakers.

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IDM: qrauer – Brokebone

Taking its name from the ancient Spartan admiral and the genus group of spiders, Aracus is the experimentation of two musicians striking a balance between individual expressions and seamless collaborations. Its inspiration poised among the lofty throws of power and control and the gritty impulsion to dig into the darker, murky corners of the underground and deconstruct whatever they find.

Minimalistic in the intro, if you’re patience, Brokebone by qrauer will rewarded with finely synthesized tunes, something to be heard with great headphones. Not the usual dark techno, but highly influenced by the style. It’s what they call IDM. You can purchase the track by Bandcamp or stream it via Spotify. Brokebone is part of a 4 tracks EP called Aracus EP, released by Berlin based Nonostar Records.

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