Dub Techno: Dystopian Soundscapes – Ikigai

“It comes on slow & strong like mescaline. There’s elements of tech noir, world music, ray gun gothic and post-dust. It exudes an ‘authentic’ futuristic urban vibe.”

If there’s a good combination between two genres of music that has impressive results this is dub-techno. Today we present you Vancouver based Dystopian Soundscapes and Ikigai, released by Superordinate Dub Waves. This is only a taste of Dystopian Soundscapes works, as he’s currently with several releases on his back, all called DSXXX, as if it was a catalogue of a label. You can check more of his productions on his Bandcamp or Soundcloud profile. His music enters our ears as hallucinogenic substances. The specifics of techno and dub’s psychedelia strike us altogether as one single matter.

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Synths of Techno: DJ Jace – Sheltered Society

The newest feature of Synths of Techno is DJ Jace, from Canada, with his newest track Sheltered Society, released 15th of October by FineGrind Audio. The cutest art cover for a techno track that I’ve ever seen, that is still psychedelic and suitable for techno, tough with a cute kitten displayed in the center. Nothing more appropriate for primal this primal sound design, a bit distorted, high and keeping an arpeggiated feeling. Great rhythm after its drop. The high arpeggiated synths give the danceable feeling that are synchronized with the drums somehow. Sheltered Society comes as a single, featuring two other tracks: House Sick and The Boxer.

Synths of Techno: Izakaya Deployment – Kurabu

Today’s techno comes from Peru, Izakaya Deployment, with his EP Trust, released by No Signal Records. If you like techno that has synthesizers with personality, Kurabi is a track for you. Minimalistic, with synths sounding repetitively, having the same sustained notes being played for a long time, while it remains pleasant for the ears until the very end. In total we have 6 minutes of hypnotic techno, suitable for the dance floor, on the beginning of a DJ Set maybe, to warm up the crowd for more aggressive material to come.

Synths of Techno: Mafia B – Momentum

Impressive techno, I wish I could see how it would perform in the dance floor for a big crowd, I bet they would go insane. This is Momentum by Mafia B, from New York City, USA. Amazing bass in the drop, the work with sinthesizers, drums and vocals stand out. Keeping the usual tradition of that dark traditional techno.

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Techno: nej!las – Program Restart

Melodic House and Techno. The tracks combine dark techno with evolving progressive melodies; capable of transcending genre boundaries and creating something wholly new and unique.

Today’s techno feature is Program Restart by Canadian producer and DJ nej!las, from Toronto now based in Detroit. This track is part of her new homonymous 4 tracks EP, released by Teknofonic Recordings.

nej!las paves her own genre in music, combining dark techno with evolving progressive melodies; capable of transcending genre boundaries and creating something wholly new and unique. Listeners find themselves engrossed and encapsulated by the multiple levels of her work, with crisp and passionate production the center piece. Her breathtaking compositions immerses and engages the listener in her sound-track-like world. nej!las’ quick rise to fame is not one that’ll end shortly.

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Synths of Techno: Various Artists – Hazedoom

New techno release from Capiroto Records. Hazedoom. Official release date 9th October. By São Paulo based producers Hibern, Mochakk, Dynamic (BR), Mita (BR) as a collaborative project. Dark, energetic, bringing a primal sound design. The progressive kind of techno, mental, the details of drums summed by finely written melodies. The track shows what can be the result of group work in techno.



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Synths of Techno: Figu DS – Quantum Gravity (ft. Tim Jackman)

Released by EUN Records, Quantum Gravity is another recommendation of fresh techno. Produced by Figu Ds, it is part of Psyche LP, which is his second album. He reaches 35 with almost 18 years working within the music industry. The tracks range from electronica to techno, being occasionally more drone or ambient. Quantum Gravity features the collaboration of Tim Jackman and Thøth (big bass tunes) in String Field.

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Synths of Techno: Krampelli – Stimulus (Bogard Remix)

Synths of Techno newest feature is Stimulus, by NYC DJ/producer Krampelli remixed by Bogard. Recently released by MK837. The usual kind of techno full of energy that dares to innovate and explore the most within the track’s arrangement, as much as with the use of audio samples, the track changes abruptly many times, pleasing the listener/dancer with the element of surprise. Stimulus has been released as a single, with the original mix and remix.

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Synths of Techno: TaxKiller – FK Taxes

Synths of Techno newest feature is FK Taxes from German producer TaxKiller. Amazing techno, aggressive, full of energy, with those dark-quite-distorted voices speaking in the background, as much as those long synth lines that embellish the rhythm. A great track for the pinnacle of a DJ Set. It has been released 24th August by Baroque Records.

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Synths of Techno: Idem Zerum – Jahren

Based out of California, I seek to bring you the sound of the underground; booming House, chugging Techno, and deep Progressive. I do all my sound-design, arrangement, mixing, and mastering myself.

With the growing popularity of EDM, dance culture has become a commercialized, superstar-celeb echo chamber. I hope to center transparency, original talent, and breathtaking music as the focal point of our scene.

Newest feature of Synths of Techno is Jahren, a progressive house track by Californian producer Idem Zerum. Noisy at the beginning, it later turns to an atmospheric progressive house, full of colourful synthesizers that sound like strings, and a compelling rhythm followed by an oriental style of vocals.

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