Synthwave in Eden: Saffari – Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams is a track by Saffari, Mexican producer. The newest feature at our Synthwave Spotify Playlist. Saffari is an active producer, with presence in Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Each Synthwave track has a special context, it can be either about space travel, dystopic realities or old videogames, whereas for Ocean Dreams we have that simple idyllic feeling of looking to the infinity horizon of an ocean, while we daydream about the cosmos and how big is the ocean. This track represents this feeling very well.

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Retrowave: Mellow Fields – From Great Heights

After L CON, another great track coming from Canada. Mellow Fields is an artist producing retrowave/synthwave tracks, but that sounds pretty original at the same time, with drops of lo-fi elements and fast bass lines. From Great Heights is a purely instrumental track. Also available in digital streaming platforms, a great fit for our playlist Synthwave in Eden. It ends and finishes with a subtle use of field recordings.

Illustration done by: Derek Rudy

The track ends the homonymous 5 tracks EP of Mellow Fields. It is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

Darksynth: KENSHIRO+ – Born Again

Another track from the world of dark synthwave, this is KENSHIRO+ with Born Again, another track for our Synthwave in Eden playlist. The track is part of his first EP, Vengeance Preparation. It was inspired in the graphic novels of Frank Miller, Daredevil, from the 80s.  Though there is also a great and infamous album from Black Sabbath with this name.

Kenshiro+ is a producer from Budapest, Hungary. You can check his other works by Soundcloud.

New Music: Tokyo Wanderer – Heartbreak

One of the first artists featured in this blog was a Portuguese producer, GPU Panic and his EP Sand Haze, now we feature another producer from Lisboa, Portugal, this time Tokyo Wanderer. This 20 years old producer aimed to blend two different genres funk and trap to produce his newest track Heartbreak.

The track has a typical trap rhythm, while it is followed by an electric guitar tune, summed by a vocoder sound. The sound of Tokyo Wanderer reminds me chillwave with synthwave at the same time, plus 70s and contemporary electronic music. His signature sound for sure is a creative blend of multiple genres. His background with different styles goes back to even earlier, as he was playing bass for two different local death metal bands, plus studying jazz for two years when he was even younger. Such a talented guy.

According to Tokyo Wanderer himself, he started producing music in 2015, making future funk and then shifting to “chillwave, french house, synthwave and electro”. I’d say that it is even harder to decide in which of my playlists I’ll add his track. As he is suitable to all of them. In 2017 he released a ‘mini-album’, entitled Sleepless. He is also part of a collective of artists called “Future Society“.

Sleepless is going to be re-released as deluxe version, featuring Heartbreak as a bonus track by Neoncity Records a Hong Kong based label, in digital and physical formats due out this April.

New Playlist: Synthwave in Eden

After a few posts with Synthwave related artists and albums we finally Synths of Eden own Synthwave playlist. Some of the artists featured there we have: Cosmo Cocktail, Collapse Project, Cristian Bergagna and Darko Richards, MENTA, LPascolatti, Radikalrat and Starfarer.

We are accepting submissions to feature on this playlist, so if you make Synthwave send us your tracks and we’ll feature it there. Premium submissions by Submithub can eventually end up being featured here as blog posts.

Art by: Olga Sergeeva.

New Music: Cristian Bergagna – Old Hag Syndrome

Although written in English for convenience and based in Europe, this blog is South American first. So I am glad to share the greatest artists from there, such as Chilean progressive rock Tryo from Valparaíso and all other Brazilian artists that have been featured before, such as FMFL and Semper Volt. Now for the first time we welcome an Argentinian artist.

This is an absolutely interesting work, not only the track Old Hag Syndrome, but the whole album itself.  Music producer from Cordoba Cristian Bergagna, appropriately cites Jorge Luis Borges as forewords to describe his album The Nightmare:

Like Jorge Luis Borges said:

“The dreams are gender, the nightmares, the species”.
Nightmares, “niht mare or niht mare” that means “The demon of the night”, have always something diabolic in them, like someone is trying to break us in our most weak moment, while we sleep.
This album is about the fights in which we struggle while our eyes are closed and we cannot escape. They represent our most raw fears and changes us every day after we wake up.
Jorge Luis Borges ask himself: “What if nightmares are strictly supernatural? What if nightmares are cracks from hell? What if during the nightmares, we are literally in hell?”

Cristian defines his style as horrorsynth and darkwave. I’d say it describes very well what he composes. It is pretty much inspired in electronic music from the 70s, such as Moroder. But it has a very aggressive yet Wagnerian style, it imposes itself. It is an impressive work for fans of Dark Synthwave, such as Collapse Project covered here before.

The album art from Nani Sarmiento reminds a lot the illustration from Sandman by Neil Gaiman and the character Death, though not Sandman himself.

He is also raising a crowfund to release The Nightmare in vinyl, you can reserve one in:

You can stream the album in Soundcloud as embedded, plus in Spotify and it’s quite very popular in Bandcamp as well.

Playlist: Synths of Eden (Update)

Today a new update has been made to this blog’s playlist ‘Synths of Eden’. Make sure to check our newest curation featuring new artists such as Cosmo Cocktail (synthwave), General Procedures (indie-electronica) and FYEO (indie-electronica).



New Music: Cosmo Cocktail – Aurora (2017)

Currently, independent artists are pretty much making synthwave. I know I have written contradictory views on synthwave, of course for many of them it is also more of the same, a fad that is going on right now, pretty much as everything else when it comes to the music industry. Things one day will fade away. However, I also wrote that synthwave is a great part for the synthpop revival, great music composed by beautiful synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers, that are here and now, sounding pretty to our ears, that can incorporate from death metal to ambient music. There is not limit to creativity and music making.

As much as for Collapse Project, recently covered in the blog, Cosmo Cocktail is making top-quality synthwave that should be heard. Its new release is called Aurora, by Werkstatt Recordings, available on Bandcamp, it can be purchased on CD and cassette. The album and the whole work of Cosmo Cocktail, let’s say, is inspired in the spacial theme, with songs called ‘aurora‘, ‘cпутник‘ (sputnik in Cyrillic) and Unfamiliar Skies, featuring Ideon, a song with nice vocals. Also, on B side ‘Gagarin! Don’t look back!’ and “We’ll never come back“. Having great titles is an important part of music making. For Cosmo Cocktail all tracks have titles and feelings that put us on the interplanetary imagination. Something like watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

Aurora does justice to the use of hardware synthesizers (synths, sequencers and drum machines) and was composed, performed and recorded by Cosmo Cocktail, Luca Brumat, from Italy. ‘It is a concept album focused and dedicated to the conquest of space and all the brave astronauts, pioneers of the universe’, according to it’s Bandcamp. It is also available for streaming on Spotify.

New Music: Follow the Wave – Collapse Project (2017)

There is something interesting in the dark synthwave scene. It reminds industrial music, with many influences from 80s heavy metal, but played in synthesizers. An atmosphere that seems as if you came back in time and are playing Doom all of over again, lots of shootings monsters and labyrinths filled with synthesizer melodies, heavy bass and primal melodies. The German “Collapse Project” from  Kaufbeuren, founded in 2005, is a band that should be listened to. After 10 years of hiatum, the band has gathered to record Follow the Wave, recently released in December 24th, 2017. They call their music dark wave, a synthwave with heavy music influence. Germany is a place where heavy music (well, german heavy metal scene…) is taken seriously, as much as music made by synthesizers (Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk), and both are proofed to be as the influences of Collapse Project, check their Soundcloud page.  You can stream and download the whole album in Bandcamp, in total it’s composed by 13 tracks, that mix arpeggios with heavy tuned synths, that sound pretty much like a distorted guitar.  Vibrating with the sounds of arpeggios and drums. Collapse project is pure synthwave, heavily appealing for fans of dark and heavy synthwave. Tracks like Cybercrime, Dark Planet, Supernova, The Dark Castle and Colors in the Dark,show a high class work from the band.

New Music: Darko Richards – Point of Departure (2018)

2018 has been revealing new artists to follow and different creative material. Synthwave is a nice style that bring back analogue synths and try to give a revival to the creative synthpop from the 80s; however, it can also get over-saturated with repetitive works as much as it happened before with brostep or the overflow of deep house some years ago, not more of the same please. Happily, this is not the case for Darko Richards and Point of Departure, where synthwave is summed with electric guitars riffs. His debut album shows interesting material to listen when it comes to this genre.  Synths of Eden is here to appreciate artists that do things out of the curve.

Point of Departure has 11 tracks, some of them posted on Soundcloud. Anima is an interesting material that has evolving bass lines, electric guitar and samples.  It is modern electronic music, influenced by rock with a retro feeling, that even adds riffs with distortion at some points. Searching, Proximity (with distinctive electronic-rock drums) and Who You Are features the vocal of Cassandra Lark.  Richard Valds, from Miami-USA, aka Darko Richards claims his material is cinema-inspired, with influences that range from Kavinsky to Radiohead and Muse. If you are a rock fan or appreciate nice electric guitar riffs, Not far from the Tree is a track for you.