Synthwave in Eden: 50L1D – Reprise

Newest Synthwave in Eden feature comes from Colombia, Bogotá, 50L1D  and Reprise. Heavy synthwave, with distorted leads entering in between the arps. Good instrumentals, danceable yet aggressive. You can also check his other releases in Bandcamp, besides purchasing the tracks.

As much as for Synths of Eden, Synthwave in Eden will grow up to 70 tracks instead of its current 50. Being Reprise the track 51 now.


Synthwave: Darknaut – Soulsearch Commando

Soulsearch Commando is a faster style of synthwave. The track is part of Darknaut‘s latest EP entitled Afterdark Machine. The track has many influences from EDM, yet keeping the underground dark side of a fast tempo synthwave.

Producer from San Antonio, Texas, Darknaut explains his latest EP as a:

4-track opus blends synthwave, EDM, and soundtrack orchestrations in a relentless pursuit of unvoiced emotions.

The EP is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist, Synthwave in Eden:

Pop-Synthwave: JessieFrye – Faded Memory (feat.Timecop1983)

This track is a combination of synthwave and pop, which is a natural combination, despite the fact that synthwave is an underground electronic music genre that revives synthesizers as a main instrument to produce music, specially analogue ones. It matches perfectly with pop as a genre, as music in the 80s were produced following many aspects contained in the current synthwave scene, such as FM synthesis and its keys, for instance. Synthwave connects easily with pop music, producing amazing results. Such as JessieFrye and Faded Memory, featuring synthwave artist Timecop1983.

Naturally, this will be our Synthwave in Eden newest feature:

Synthwave: Radikal Rat – A- OK

Mentioned here earlier with Get Horizontal, Radikal Rat from Stockholm is back with a new instrumental single, A-OK. Same as before, a synthwave style though what we have is an heterodox one. Not the usual synthwave track with analog synths from the 80s, but always keeping a personal touch and proposing new sounds to the genre.

The track is also available in Bandcamp.

It is also a new feature in our Synthwave in Eden playlist:

Synthwave: DELOS – Magic City

Synthwave is a perfect style of music to listen at night. Therefore, for this Tuesday night, there will be a Synthwave post. As usual, layers and layers of beatiful synthsizer composition, creating lots of imaginary landscapes and feelings. It’s totally pleasant to listen. Today we chose DELOS and Magic City. With a pretty interesting art cover, not the usual cliché of Synthwave, which is also appreciated.

DELOS is Beau McKee a Melbourn based artist, originally a drummer and founder of a band called “Closure in Moscow”. Now Beau dedicates his time at his studio, as much as working with Sound Egineering, rather than playing the drums. He has managed to build a studio in the hills, so he could get the inspiration from nature and nostalgia. This is when we wrote his first EP, Self Titled EP, available in Bandcamp and in by streaming, such as Spotify.

Magic City is the newest feature of Synthwave in Eden:


Synthwave in Eden: Elk Bird – Rendezvous with Ramen (2017)

Synthwave in Eden is back with a new feature, this time Rendezvous with Ramen, another track with a funny title, by Elk Bird, synthwave artist from Los Angeles, California.

The track is part of Exclusion Zone, an album highly inspired by sci-fi, as usual for tracks following the synthwave/chillwave thematics. You can stream the whole album by Spotify, as much as purchase it in Bandcamp (as embedded above). The whole album itself is not purely synthwave, having tracks that are more experimental when it comes to electronic music, such as Golem, for instance.

You can listen the track in the top of our Synthwave in Eden Playlist, as much as other submissions sent to Synths of Eden. Reminding that we’re always receiving submissions for new Synthwave tracks for this playlist, by Submithub or e-mail.

Synthwave in Eden: Saffari – Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams is a track by Saffari, Mexican producer. The newest feature at our Synthwave Spotify Playlist. Saffari is an active producer, with presence in Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

Each Synthwave track has a special context, it can be either about space travel, dystopic realities or old videogames, whereas for Ocean Dreams we have that simple idyllic feeling of looking to the infinity horizon of an ocean, while we daydream about the cosmos and how big is the ocean. This track represents this feeling very well.

Follow our playlist Synthwave in Eden for more:

Retrowave: Mellow Fields – From Great Heights

After L CON, another great track coming from Canada. Mellow Fields is an artist producing retrowave/synthwave tracks, but that sounds pretty original at the same time, with drops of lo-fi elements and fast bass lines. From Great Heights is a purely instrumental track. Also available in digital streaming platforms, a great fit for our playlist Synthwave in Eden. It ends and finishes with a subtle use of field recordings.

Illustration done by: Derek Rudy

The track ends the homonymous 5 tracks EP of Mellow Fields. It is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

Darksynth: KENSHIRO+ – Born Again

Another track from the world of dark synthwave, this is KENSHIRO+ with Born Again, another track for our Synthwave in Eden playlist. The track is part of his first EP, Vengeance Preparation. It was inspired in the graphic novels of Frank Miller, Daredevil, from the 80s.  Though there is also a great and infamous album from Black Sabbath with this name.

Kenshiro+ is a producer from Budapest, Hungary. You can check his other works by Soundcloud.

New Music: Tokyo Wanderer – Heartbreak

One of the first artists featured in this blog was a Portuguese producer, GPU Panic and his EP Sand Haze, now we feature another producer from Lisboa, Portugal, this time Tokyo Wanderer. This 20 years old producer aimed to blend two different genres funk and trap to produce his newest track Heartbreak.

The track has a typical trap rhythm, while it is followed by an electric guitar tune, summed by a vocoder sound. The sound of Tokyo Wanderer reminds me chillwave with synthwave at the same time, plus 70s and contemporary electronic music. His signature sound for sure is a creative blend of multiple genres. His background with different styles goes back to even earlier, as he was playing bass for two different local death metal bands, plus studying jazz for two years when he was even younger. Such a talented guy.

According to Tokyo Wanderer himself, he started producing music in 2015, making future funk and then shifting to “chillwave, french house, synthwave and electro”. I’d say that it is even harder to decide in which of my playlists I’ll add his track. As he is suitable to all of them. In 2017 he released a ‘mini-album’, entitled Sleepless. He is also part of a collective of artists called “Future Society“.

Sleepless is going to be re-released as deluxe version, featuring Heartbreak as a bonus track by Neoncity Records a Hong Kong based label, in digital and physical formats due out this April.