Synths of Techno: Fernie – Eugenics (Remotion Remix)

Newest feature of Synths of Techno is Eugenics, a track by Scottish producer Fernie and remixed by Remotion. It has been released on 22nd of February as an EP by Sync Forward. In total, we have four tracks, Eugenics, the original mix and remix, plus two other tracks, Filling the Void and Melancholy. The remix is melodic, with remarkable arps. Good work with mix and sound design, it’s dark and visceral at some points, good one for that 3am set.

Melodic Techno: Three CP – Briques Oranges

Released on 19th of February by Lenjam Records, Hold My Name is a new single from Three CP, with 4 tracks, showing once again what Three CP knows how to do best, high quality progressive and melodic techno. Briques Oranges is mild, beautiful, definitely not the aggressive type. It’s suitable for a yoga class, running session or a night club alike. While the title track, Hold My Name, is a more aggressive one, minimalistic, while still holds the underground and dark textures typical of techno.

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Techno: Camp North – My Bones

Camp North is a music producer from Boston (USA), that makes electronic music mixing some of his most favourite genres, such as ambient, techno and more danceable house style, such as My Bones, a track that has techno long and aggressive synth lines with a more “housy” groove, rhythm and vocals. It’s been released as a single early on January. It’s also Synths of Techno newest feature.

Techno: Not Demure – Overture (JP Lantieri Remix)

Overture is a track produced by Not Demure, released on the Ostinato EP by Flemcy Music. It has been remixed by JP Lantieri. Just like his previous tracks, with a progressive character, ideal for the dance floor and for the sofa, 8 powerful minutes full of good melodies and basslines, guaranteed. The track has not yet been released on digital streaming platforms like Spotify, but you can already check here in Synths of Eden and Soundcloud, as embedded.

Techno: KULTOFF – Don’t Sleep

Art by LPascolatti

From the same producer of Aliens Must Die, featured here earlier. KULTOFF from Rome, is back with a new single Don’t Sleep, released Friday, 25th of January by Capiroto Records. The single has two tracks inspired by acid techno, with the usual sequenced bass lines (famous for using Roland 303 groove machine). Nonetheless, with both tracks, KULTOFF dares to innovate, applying different style of vocals, such as Don’t Sleep, featuring Frank Sepioni and in Love Is Revolution featuring vocals plus acoustic guitars by Special West, with an amazing sequenced bass line. The drop of Love is Revolution makes you feel like in between psychedelia and acid techno at the same time, due to its guitars.

Don’t Sleep has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno. The single is also available to be purchased in Beatport and in Bandcamp. Check the retailers link here.

Besides being a techno music producer, KULTOFF is also a playlist editor, with his playlist Techno Kult in Spotify and in Instagram. So, today instead of embedding Synths of Techno, as usual, I’ll embed his playlist, Techno Kult instead:

Techno: Jeremy Wahab – Nothing Else

A dark techno from Jeremy Wahab, from UK. Nothing Else has been released by Lenjam Records 9 days ago, label founded by Three CP. This track has whispering vocals singing “Nothing else, what happened, it was a mistake”, or something like that. It is guaranteed enjoyment, with physical reactions in your body. It’s been added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Techno:

New Techno: MASINO – Un Poco De Eso

Un Poco de Eso, is a techno by Italian producer Masino. It’s been released 11th of January by Thirsty5 Records, as it’s well clear by the cover art, as an ode to music indudstry’s objectification, or a simple satire of typical European receipts. Un Poco de Eso is a track full of energy, with vocals whispering in Spanish, “Yo quiero un poco de eso” or in English, “I want a bit of this”. All this energy in a danceable mood. Great drop, the ideal track for your DJ Mix. It’s been mixed and mastered by Gabriele Giudici.

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Techno: Airis Zapa – Iris

Iris is a new techno single by Airis Zapa, from Lithuania. It contains two tracks, Iris and Moonflight. It’s an underground material, not the fast tempo style of techno, being Iris a more danceable and groovy style of techno, with bass stabs summed by hi hats. Another great one for underground techno DJs all around.

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New Techno Release: LPascolatti – Alright

Alright is the new techno single by LPascolatti, released by Capiroto Records. Initially produced in 2017, it has been reworked and released as a Radio Edit late November. The complete single comes out as an Extended Version and an Alternative Mix. Being the latter a more IDM sounding mix, more than 9 minutes length. The idea behind the track was to create a techno that sounds electronic while it incorporates organic instrumentals, such as electric guitar and vocals. The mixing has been highly inspired by dub techno productions.

With the discount code soealright you can purchase Alright in Bandcamp until next Friday with 70% discount.

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