Synths of Techno: Figu DS – Quantum Gravity (ft. Tim Jackman)

Released by EUN Records, Quantum Gravity is another recommendation of fresh techno. Produced by Figu Ds, it is part of Psyche LP, which is his second album. He reaches 35 with almost 18 years working within the music industry. The tracks range from electronica to techno, being occasionally more drone or ambient. Quantum Gravity features the collaboration of Tim Jackman and Thøth (big bass tunes) in String Field.

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IDM/Techno: Infinity Interface – Convergence One

Currently resident of Earth (Sol System), it is the chosen task of the spirit/mind/body complex known as Infinity Interface to bring awareness of the nature of consciousness and universal oneness to the various life-forms residing on that sphere. This information transfer has been scheduled as a series of audio recordings, the first of which “Convergence One” has been disseminated amongst the population in the year 2018.

As much as for all the tracks that are labelled as IDM, don’t expect anything traditional that you can say “it looks like techno”, “it looks like this or that”. So we have here Convergence One by electronic musician Infinity Interface, based in Berlin. A 7 seven track that is all in one. It starts as a techno and ends up being everything after a drop, a synthwave with a four on the flour beat. It’s singular. The track is part of album called Convergence One.

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Synths of Techno: TaxKiller – FK Taxes

Synths of Techno newest feature is FK Taxes from German producer TaxKiller. Amazing techno, aggressive, full of energy, with those dark-quite-distorted voices speaking in the background, as much as those long synth lines that embellish the rhythm. A great track for the pinnacle of a DJ Set. It has been released 24th August by Baroque Records.

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Techno: Carl Saxo – Samples

This techno was written by Italian producer Carl Saxo. You can feel that old school techno vibe on it. Unfortunately, as far as I know this track hasn’t been released. By here’s the Soundcloud preview of it. Hope you all enjoy this nice techno.

Techno: Jeremy Wahab – Let’s Go

This is the traditional roots techno, dark, repetitive, but that doesn’t disappoint in the arrangement, as things get pretty diverse and the whole feeling grows and expands many times during this 9 minutes of pure techno, including voice samples saying “Let’s Go” and more energetic drums. Released by Lenjam Records in the beginning of July, by Jeremy Wahab, Let’s Go (Original Mix) is part of an EP called Slippery Slope and it’s high class techno. Another one that would perfectly be approved by techno viking in your local underground club. Also, new feature of our Spotify Playlist Synths of Techno.

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Techno: Three CP – Jumpin’ Raph’ Clash

Released by Lenjam Records, Jumpin’ Raph’ Clash is an energetic techno, it seems like the perfect techno for running or working out. Produced by Three CP, not the darkest kind of techno, besides having those dark voices whispering gibberish summed by the traditional dark synth lines of techno, this track has a somewhat energetic feeling on it. Overall, it has techno viking’s approval.

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Techno: Talal – Last Island

Released by Cenital Music, Last Island is a part of a compilation that is tribute to Ibiza, produced by Talal. The whole compilation Music For The Island can be streamed by Soundcloud.

It’s that kind of chill techno that is perfect for a daylight moment in an island in the Mediterranean, it truly pays tribute to the island of Ibiza.

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Techno Premiere: Victorious – Good Behavior

Synths of Eden is the official promoter of Capiroto Records, so we present you with Victorious and Good Behavior.

Producer from São Paulo, Victorious (Iuri Pereira) produces and plays techno open air with Underground Movement SP, which he is co-founder, occupying public places such as Avenida Paulista.

It will be released featuring another original track, Cyclic Tendencies, and two remixes from Barchi and Noolapa.

You can check the pre-order in Bandcamp.

Official Release of the EP, 13th July in all streaming platforms.

Art by Olga Sergeeva

Techno: Underbooz – Popular Domain

With the rise of a an electronic climate in the air, since we are preparing for the Balaton Sound which takes place in Hungary, we will focus on Techno , and today it will be about  Underbooz. After Caleano, covered by Synths of Eden earlier, they released Fiel EP with 3 tracks, that are very likely to leave a striking impression on techno lovers.

The duo from Barcelona has released more than 3 works this year, a trilogy of albums dedicated to the number 7 (Seven Sisters, Seven planets, and Seven Deadly Sins), as covered here before. Not tired, they returned on Booz Moz with a three-track EP called “Fiel EP”. They are making Techno on a big scale, almost machine-like.

If they’re back by popular demand, we don’t know, but the first track is called “Popular Domain” and it takes you into a trip with a hard hitting kick and an acid touch that reminds us of Greed, a track from Seven Deadly Sins, but with a heavier percussion.

With “Secret Flavor”, track number two, we can enjoy a rough bass and groove, creating an instigating atmosphere that will not let you rest a single moment. The third track is called “Galactic Empire” is lighter than the previous and much more cheerful with a clean groove.

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By Igor and Wallace.

Techno: Tomcraft – You Don’t Know

Released 8th June, by Baroque Records, You Don’t Know by Munich-based artist Tomcraft is the second feature of our new Spotify Playlist – Synths of Techno.

The single also contains other track, High Fidelity. Tomcraft’s style of techno is full of energy, yet not so dark, there’s a lot of groove on it. Discrete synthesizers at same points, that merge with more intense monophonic bass lines. All of these blended with melodic arpeggios. There are some long bridges that will make you trip after long minutes of kicks and drums.

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