Dub Techno: TTilawok – Rooted

Rooted was released this 25th of May by TTilawok, part of the album Into Memory (Bandcamp), another singular techno track, surely not the one you’ll listen in your underground local techno club. TTilawok calls it dub techno in his metadata, not without a purpose, as this track mixes techno with ethereal synth pads. The track, as much as for the whole album itself, is highly composed by danceable chord progressions, rhythms and arpeggiated sequences.  It has been recorded in EMS (Elektronmusikstudion), Stockholm, during the years of 2016/2017. Besides being released digitally it is also being distributed in cassettes, that can be ordered by Bandcamp as well.

The album does not limit itself to techno, also trespassing the fields of house, acid, dub, ambient and downbeat. Rooted is being featured is our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden.

Bio: TTilawok is a photographer and electronic music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden. His photography utilizes double exposure to create unique scenes from both natural and human born landscapes. His musical style ranges from deep house and techno to lo-fi, minimal, and ambient. Combining samples, synthesis, and analog drum machines, he traverses the realms of acid, ambient, low-fi, and downbeat.

For those YouTube lovers out there, here you go the embedded music video:

Techno: Psychopanda – Nothingness (Free Download)

Nothingness is techno track deserves respect, available for free download, Psychopanda, from India gives us a track rich in sound, with glitchy bass, psycho melodies, that does justice to its cute artist name. The track has almost 8 minutes but don’t expect the usual repetitive techno style, but an ever changing one, without losing its tune and all the feelings it provides. In his soundcloud page you can also find tracks such as Hide and Seek and Contact Made, both tracks also available as free download.

According to Psychopanda, he’s mostly inspired by Jon Hopkins‘ sound.

New Release: JohnT – Ferkop

Synths of Eden always aims to feature highly original tracks and artists. This time, we present you with a new release, Ferkop, by JohnT, French producer from Marseille, released today by Teknofonic Recordings label based in New York, USA. The track has been released after other 4 previous works from JohnT: Well, Wild, Home and Fresher. All of them being distributed in digital service providers, such as Beatport and Spotify.

Initially JohnT was a piano player from conservatory schools, expanding his music skills to playing guitar while being influenced from many travels around the world, such as living in Indonesia for a few years.

Formerly a member of a Lyon-based pop band, JohnT incorporate many elements of his music past life into his productions. According to him, “Wild” is an exploratory track with a jungle-like feeling, with a mood retaining a sense of darkness throughout. As for, “Well” it is a chill out with textured atmosphere, that aims to provide more relaxing melodies. “Home” is a track that provides more energy, with nice emotions following throughout. A bright track with a more positive mood and strong beats. “Fresher” is a fun and happy tune with punchy drums highly inspired by synth sounds and melodies.

His latest release Ferkop is a techno-inspired track, with aggressive and minimalistic synth tunes that flourish the rhythm. In total, 3:30 of moody techno.

The track has been featured in our Synths of Eden playlist, together with other techno inspired tunes featured by the blog recently, such as Caleano from Underbooz.

DJ Mix: Barchi at @Trackers – Techno Garden 12|05|18 SP

Trackers has been one of the best night clubs from São Paulo’s underground scene, great bands, great electronic music. There is no mistake if you are around São Paulo and want to enjoy great Live PAs and DJ sets, in the great atmosphere of Brazil’s biggest metropolis old city centre. With a guaranteed  sunrise from its balcony’s full of junkies.

Barchi, that has released tracks such as Thugh Night and Take Smooth with Capiroto Records has uploaded this techno mix performed in Tracker’s at 12th May, 2018. It’s one hour of great techno tracks, including:

Barchi – Jungle Demon
Dashdot – June
Barchi – Take Smooth
Animal Picnic – Ethorica
Barchi & Shampo – Thug Night
Worakls – Toi
Jonas Rathsman feat. Josef Salvat – Complex (Serge Devant Remix)
Aaryon & Ran Salman – Riptide (Philipp Kempnich)Remix)
Olivier Giacomoto – Bipolar Star (Victor Ruiz Remix)
Victor Ruiz & Drunken Kong – Inside Out
Acid Pauli & Monolink – New Morning


Techno: J Swink – Autonomic

If you don’t want to miss the beat, you’re reading the right release! J Swink has 15 years of experience on how to make the audience lose their minds into the depths of the techno. His career started in San Francisco in the Fierce Animals Recordings for an EP called ‘Autonomic’ that you can even check it out on Spotify.

With Regard to the track itself, ‘Autonomic’ has everything it takes to blow every techno house in the very world, if you like it, we advise you to start with ‘Malfunction’ another track that came out of J Swink creative mind that takes you through a groovier way of using drums and bass tones that certainly gets every techno fan excited.

Got curious? You can hear more about him on basically every social media and listen directly to his work on SoundCloud and also on Beatport.

The track will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden together with some other techno tracks featured here before.

Techno: Underbooz – Celaeno

That fast kick playing loud from beginning to the end, those repetitive distorted, almost glitchy synthesizers, with a lack of complexity in the melodies, that crude stuff.

However, techno is made of all the small details that surprises the dance, the listener, it feels and flows as emotion, which in itself makes the whole thing amazing.

Also, long tracks, with no hurry at all to end, techno is not EDM, not pop stuff, not for those fans of easy listening. Techno is music for the underground dance floor, techno is unique and it deserves a big space here in this blog. Therefore, here we present you Underbooz, from Barcelona and their Celaeno.

The track is part of their album Seven Sisters, released by Booz Muz, the third “episode of the Underbooz’s saga, dedicated to the magic number 7”. According to them, the name is dedicated to the Seven Sisters of the Greek myth, the Pleiades. The album description is a mythological narrative, which makes the whole product intriguing. As it is followed:

Born on the Mount Cyllene from the union between the titan Atlas and the sea-nimph Pleione, the Seven Sisters played an important role in the Greek mythology, engaging relations with several of the most prominent gods, and being translated to the night sky as the homonymous famous star clusters.

The album opens with “Celaeno”, with its distorted synths flowing over a dark and pulsating beat. Next one is “Alcyone”, the leader of the sever sisters. When they became stars, she had the duty of leading the sailors. The Barcelona duo translated her figure into a progressive trip accompanied by dreamy FXs, to lead your dj sets through the darkest hours of the night.

“Sterope” is one of the most lively track in the album, with a sparkling arpeggio and an energetic bass, perfectly matching with “Maia”, that the ancient Romans associated to the concept of “growth”. In fact this tracks builds constantly with an huge groove and some arpeggio fragments, until it reaches an epic break.

“Merope” is the faintest star of the cluster, because she was the only one among the sisters to marry a mortal, Sisyphus, king of the island of Chios. Underbooz homage her with an energetic and groovy track, that will shine fiercely on the dancefloor.

“Taygete” was the mistress of the animals, and when Zeus pursued her, she invoked the protection of Artemis, who turned here in a doe with golden horns. The artists dedicate he a precious track , characterized by a melancholic synth stab evolving during the whole track.

Last one is “Electra”, she was the mother of Dardanus, founder of Troy. She was turned into a star to avoid seeing the city’s destruction. Her’s one of the most melodic tracks in the album, deep and melancholic, to evocate the goddes’ disperation for the fall of Troy.

Electronica: Warrego Valles – Madmen

For the past few years I spent lots of hours reading and watching Slavoj Žižek and all his contradictory and complicated thoughts, for sure I had a lot of fun, if it’s what you can call fun (at least for a social sciences nerd like me). However, with Warrego Valles I discovered a new kind of fun from Slovenia, the duo composed by Nina Hudej and Nina Belle is something that cannot go unnoticed if you are a fan of heavy and extravagant electronic music, full of psychedelic spices.

Madmen is a track from their newest album entitled Botox (not a trace of Don Draper there). I’d say that Warrego Valles is part of that category of posts I should write about a specific track I received, just to make it cute in Hype Machine catalogue but in fact I am suggesting the whole album itself. Botox has 13 tracks and I’d say it’s 13 tracks of pure electronic insanity, Stop That Noise made me really inspired to start this day, just wishing for more and more of this noise. The album has been released 1st March by Kamizdat label.

You can purchase it in Bandcamp, as embedded, for 15 euros you can have it as a flash card with an awesome handmade booklet designed by Rok Mar, illustrated by Stefan Fähler and with liner notes by Luka Prinčič.

Well, I guess after writing all of this I still need more time to reflect about their sound design. They use fast drum machines, with many glitch sounds and vocals. They put themselves in the experimental techno, as style. Overall, I’d say it’s a combination of glitch, traditional low tuned drums and vocals. It’s possible to find evidences of pad synths that serve as background layers for all those fast drums, such as Cyborg not Cyborg. Moreover, I like the fact that this techno is not male dominated, as it is for many techno dudes out there.

I’d say Warrego Valles is deeply influenced by an underground techno scene. According to their press release, pretty much like a manifesto itself:

It is a result of dark minimalist, abstract post-genre eletro and glitchy sonic landscapes. it tells the story of present times: ephemerality of all action and destruction of the planet duo to climate change and slavery. A grim vision of a world ruled by psychopaths driven by the will to control, greed and domination.

“How else can the drive for immortality be manifest than as an unstoppable exploitation, an endless extraction of resources, a seemingly limitless growth on a finite planet? In a dystopian post-apocalyptic vision called forth into the present in these abstract sounds with words buried in sombre electronic beats and glitches, there’s no sign of mankind after we’ve lost the red sun, our land and sky. We are loosing and destroying our environment. We are fostering more slavery than ever by refusing immigrants, stuffing them in camps and treating them like animals.

In these relationships, humanity is lost while feelings of abandonment, defeat and solitude grow within the personal realm. Underpinning these tracks is a grim vision of the world ruled by psychopaths, driven by a will to overpower and dominate. Only through submission of one’s own body (and mind) will it be possible to find »success«. The greed, the insensitivity, the lust for profit and power, the ability to kneel and to kill.”

Warrego Valles is also available for streaming in Soundcloud and Spotify.



New Techno Release: Capiroto Records – Nebula (2018)

Capiroto Records will release in 14th March, 2018, a techno album, staring BarchiShampo, Chrstian Saw and LPascolatti. The work contains 5 tracks, being 2 of them a collaboration between Shampo & Barchi (Thug Night) and Shampo & Christian Saw (Mind Machines). Plus, 3 original mix tracks from Shampo (Bongos), LPascolatti (Black Lodge) and Barchi (Nebula – title track).

The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp, for full WAV/FLAC/MP3 files. Soon to be also available in Capiroto’s Beatport page. You can also check the tracks in the artists’ official profiles and in Capiroto Records‘ playlist in Soundcloud. For more information, follow Capiroto Records on Twitter.

Album: Jacques – A Lot of Jacques (2017)

This week, 31th January, the English electronic-music and technology Fact Magazine featured the French music producer Jacques in their Against the Clock series. According to them, one of the weirdest episodes of the series, for Synths of Eden, this was one of the best and most intriguing episodes . Against the Clock gives music producers 10 minutes to produce a track, in this case, Jacques appeared there with lots of objects that could be improvised as music instruments, when recorded via microphones attached to guitar pedals, such as an elastic rubber band that could be used to make a bassline and a drill that could be used to perform a lead synth. The reason why Jacques started to use instruments like this was the fact that he couldn’t afford real instruments when he started out to make music.

Quoting FACT: “Now he tours the world with his homemade orchestra of scrapers, cups, wooden spoons and other ephemera, recording them and putting them through an array of pedals, loopers and samplers.”

Apart from being an outstanding live performer with awkward improvised instruments attached to guitar pedals, he also does a great work in studio, as shown by his 2017 releases, such as “A Lot of Jacques”, embedded below. Released by French label, Pain Surprises.

Moreover, Jacques also recorded a multi-lingual album, in which he released his single “Dans la Radio” in 7 different languages, including Esperanto, French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

His 2017 album, A Lot of Jacques, features 6 different short tracks with around 6 minutes, all of them a more “house-like” electronic music to more experimental downtempo styles of electronic music. Plus 3 tracks that are longer, with more than 9 minutes, such as Limbo in Limbo, Bushwack on the Dancefloor and Escape from Boredom. All the tracks have singular music instrumentation, as evidenced by his Agains the Clock performance, Jacques is not any regular music producer. It is also possible to buy his merch, such as music in vinyl on the following link: https://bigwax.fr/fr/pain-surprises

Review – OMEGA dB – Speaking with Machines EP

Recently I shared in our Soundcloud Profile the newest release from Barcelona based producer OMEGA dB, Speaking With Machines, with Hypersunday Records, from 20th October 2017 (Soundcloud page below). This new release is a very heavy techno style. Hard synths, atmospheric, catchy crude melodies and beats that are dancing and mental at the same, very well produced, with automated synths and well chosen samples. Great for a DJ set that wants to keep the public dancing in euphoria.

First track has no vocal samples, it is called Big Data, touching this subject of contemporary society and life, which brings the themes covered by old style techno. Around 6 minutes track that are no boring at all, it involve the listener from beginning to the end. Second track is called Speaking With Machines, also with around 6min, bringing together with that techno a more videogame 8bits, chipset style, with a sample uttering “Try again”, as if you were playing an arcade, failing, getting up and preparing to “Try again”, very symbolic.

This is his third EP, being the first My Church (2014) and Utopian Reality (2015). Both also having emblematic names when it comes to techno music and contemporary lifestyle, where reification is a constant matter, workers are turned to precariat, life is being constantly converted to virtual reality, such as Big Data, full of machinery and a huge demand for a moment of euphoric dance. You can check his other works on Soundcloud below as much as Spotify.