Electro-Indie: Samaris – Silkidrangar (2014)

The Balaton Sound ended but left a desire for more. Ready to go into the dark side of the musical universe with a light electronic input? Well, if you like a touch of melancholy in the songs you hear, you came into the right review but of course, without leaving a bit of techno aside: Samaris is a band that consists of a clarinet player Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir, a singer Jófríður Ákadóttir known as JFDR and an electronic musician Þórður Kári Steinþórsson. They play mostly electro-indie.

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This unlikely trio from Iceland first came together in the beginning of 2011, the same year they won the Músíktilraunir competition and right after released their first EP called Hljóma Þú. But only in 2013 releasing their first album by One Little Indian Records, curiously the same label that signed with internationally recognised band The Surgarcubes, that had Björk as a singer.

Latter, in 2014 the trio released the album called Silkidrangar with 10 tracks that adds up to a hypnotic and susceptible mush! Especially when talking about the music Ég Vildi Fegin Verd that seems as cold as the land they came from, the melancholy portrayed enters your skin like on the worst winter days leaving you sluggish, yet the subtle beats do not let your heart stop.

Turning this page, we can also find tracks like Lífsins Ólgusjór, which has a more dancing vibe, and Tíbrá equalizes you with a unique emotional stability in this album, it seems like walking in the middle of a forest. Finishing with Hrafnar that somehow makes you feel like you’re in a race, looking for something that you don’t quite know what it is.

Before we finish it

The songs from Silkidrangar are filled with space, atmosphere and some health sadness. If you’re into that, you can check this album out in Spotify.

By collaborators Igor & Wallace

The opening track of Silkidrangar, Nótt, has been featured in our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden