Post-Rock/Trip-Hop: JUNODEF – Gold (Alternative Version)

“as women we know the importance of recognising each other’s work. In the music industry you actively have to search for women to cooperate with, or you are most likely to end up with a cis-male dominated team. That is why this project was run entirely by women. The music, script, and screenplay were written by women, and it was directed by, shot and edited by women.”

With this quotation I present you Gold by Swedish band Junodef.

Junodef from Lund, Sweden, makes an unique blend of post-rock, trip-hop, highly influenced by artists such as Chelsea Wolfe, Warpaint and PJ Harvey. They started in the Swedish underground scene and then relocated to London. The fact that they moved to London also impacted their sound, making them experiment even further with electronic music, such as trip-hop.

Their debut album Oceans came out in 2017, since then they’ve been busy with a big range of projects for 2018. Their track ‘Gold’ came out in Sweden with a thrilling music video, Romain Gavras style of violence, but a bit more mellow.

You can stream Junodef by Spotify:


New Trip-Hop: Violet Sands & Justin Faust – What Do You Feel

Some hot new trip-hop tracks coming out, after featuring NothingAboutME and their BLUEBELL it’s time to feature Violet Sands & Justin Faust with their new track What Do You Feel. This recalls popular tracks of Massive Attack, such as Teardrop, with their own unique touch.

According to Derek Muro, from Violet Sands, artists from Brooklyn, New York:

“We met Justin while he was in New York visiting from Germany, introduced by Robert Perlick-Molinari (of our label and French Horn Rebellion) who suggested that we collaborate. In an afternoon, we began experimenting with the vintage synth collection at our studio – notably the Wurli, Roland and Oberheim instruments – embracing the early-aughts electronica influence, which came out even more once Deidre wrote the lyrics and added her vocals. After only a few hours, we had the shape of the song nearly complete and decided to meet for another session that week where the song really came together.”

Violet Sands is Deirdre Muro (vocals), Derek Muro (guitar) and David Perlick-Molinari (production).

New Downtempo/Trip-Hop: NothingAboutME – BLUEBELL

BLUEBELL was written in response to difficult emotions surrounding the loss of the duo’s close friends to suicide. It also recognises the ongoing battle in people who struggle with trauma and intermittent depression.

BLUEBELL is the debut single from NothingAboutME a fresh new downtempo with a big touch of trip-hop released this Friday in all streaming platforms by Riverfish Records.

NothingAboutME is a duo formed by Joe Dworniak and Sarah Stanton. They make highly emotive lo-fi music, a big match for fans of Portishead, as an example. The duo was formed in 2016, the name was chosen  as an identity for the songwriting duo.

BLUEBELL will be featured in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

Artwork by Cornish based artist Ricky Chaplin.

New Music: Orfeo – Dead Inside

Another downtempo track that just came out from the oven, Dead Inside, yet fresh and worm, directly from Los Angeles, California. Nice vocals, it reminds 90s trip-hop songs, specially those heavy long bass lines, that shares the space with atmospheric vocals, a more ambient style of downtempo.

Orfeo inspires his music on R&B/Soul, somehow it reminds the work of Brazilian producer Semper Volt, featured here earlier. The track has been released today by Nahuālli Records.

Besides being a music producer, Orfeo is also a trained opera singer. The past few years he’s been collaborating with producers such as Robin Hannibal from Quadron/Rhye and Computer Jay.

Trip-Hop: obylx – Ghosts

He can be found deep in the forest, in the basement of a derelict building. Surrounded by flashing lights and strange technologies, he tries to make sense of his world.

Not much is known of the man who dwells within, only that his name is “obylx”.

Trip-Hop is an epic style coming from UK. Bristol producer obylx presents us his track Ghosts, marked by danceable rhythm and that particular dark vocal from trip-hop, all of this summed by an interesting combination of synthesizers that end abruptly after growing until 3:05. This track ends with that feeling that you wished there would be more to come after that, but shorter tracks also have their importance, though I recently wrote about how I love long tracks such as 12 minutes ones.

Well, we don’t much about obylx, but one thing we know for sure, he is a highly skilled producer releasing lots of trip-hop songs this 2018, so if you like the style, keep an eye on him.

New Single: laxcity – Introvert (feat. H/\rvey)

Introvert (feat. H/\rvey) has been recently released 23rd March, through Majestic Casual.

Zambia-born and UK based Joshua Manasseh Mbewe, a.k.a. Laxcity has been ‘making his own kind of music’ as Mama’s and Papa’s would sing, for four years. A producer that is a big fan of Harmor from Image Line and the widespread FL Studio. A powerful virtual synthesizer. Experimenting with several different genres of music, ended up constituting his own singular style.  I’d say that he has a very chill style, that flerts with pop, ambient/lo-fi, trip hop and chillstep.

The You Tube channel Czech Vibes has created a music video for Introvert, embedded here.

However, for those who are Spotify clients (I swear I’m not paid by them, unfortunately, I just like their service), I’d suggest you to check his profile, he is pretty famous there, with some singles to be saved. We will certainly add Introvert to Chilling in Eden this Thursday.

New Single: Joshua Worden – Tennessee

Joshua Worden mixes electronic-music with traditional pop music from USA and a touch of progressive rock that reminds pretty much Gentle Giant or King Crimson at some points. Smooth vocals and reverberated percussion, summed by the revival of analogue synths that bring back 80s classics, such as Roland Juno. Tennessee sounds pretty much a nostalgic track about rural life far away from the cities with a big touch of trip-hop.

The synth pads recall classics such as Tangerine Dream and Vangelis with his Yamaha CS70. It would be dark music if it wasn’t for his soft voice and mellow lyrics. Joshua Worden is an Atlanta based artist and composer, highly influenced by R&B/Trip-Hop, with a background education in English literature and Jazz Guitar. His upcoming EP will be called ‘Cinders‘ and is expected soon this 2018. About ‘Cinders’ he says:

“These songs, these ideas, they were cinders… They were always burning slowly under my day to day. It just took a really long time for them to finally come to light.The lyrics of the songs, I think those are fairly ambiguous,” he observes. “I think they could mean different things to different people.”

It is also possible to stream his new single Tennessee in Spotify.