Pre-lunch Chill: Common Tiger – The Paisley Agreement

The Paisley Agreement from Common Tiger is relaxing, sounds great as a production, has amazing rhodes keys, piano keys apart from organic drums. A track composed by several different instruments, which is explained by the fact that Common Tiger is the pseudonym of a multi-instrumentalist and producer called Matthew Mahoney. For me, this track resembles Mogwai, but without distorted guitars.

Another curious fact about Matthew is that he spent some time in a Buddhist temple in Portland, Oregon (USA) and currently he resides in a bus in Oregon studying music theory, piano, and working on his next musical releases.

You can also check his Bandcamp profile for more:

This track is magnificent and deserves a place in our playlist Chilling in Eden:

Synthwave in Eden: Elk Bird – Rendezvous with Ramen (2017)

Synthwave in Eden is back with a new feature, this time Rendezvous with Ramen, another track with a funny title, by Elk Bird, synthwave artist from Los Angeles, California.

The track is part of Exclusion Zone, an album highly inspired by sci-fi, as usual for tracks following the synthwave/chillwave thematics. You can stream the whole album by Spotify, as much as purchase it in Bandcamp (as embedded above). The whole album itself is not purely synthwave, having tracks that are more experimental when it comes to electronic music, such as Golem, for instance.

You can listen the track in the top of our Synthwave in Eden Playlist, as much as other submissions sent to Synths of Eden. Reminding that we’re always receiving submissions for new Synthwave tracks for this playlist, by Submithub or e-mail.

Surrealist Electropop: R34L – Anim8

The song explores themes including understanding the mind as a canvas and letting go of attachments.

This track is something like Crystal Castles meets 90s Swedish band The Cardigans, surrealist electropop is an appropriate genre to classify R34L and Anim8.

R34L is a duo formed by Sarah Hartman and Cason Trager, they blend organic and unique sounds in experimental improvisation, synthesizers and sampling. Their work has been self-produced and Anim8 is the opening track of a not yet released 12 tracks album that will be called WHAT/IS.

The track has been featured in our Spotify Playlist Synths of Eden:

Synthpop: BUHU – All Eye

All Eye is the second single from BUHU‘s debut studio album, Tenets. Marked by FMish synths that will make you think of 80s synthpop, this typical Korg Volca FM electric piano, followed by drums and vocals brings back to memory Tears for Fears and Phill Collins. The album Tenets will be released worldwide in September 2018 by FMF Records.

BUHU is a synth pop duo from Austin, Texas, United States. It has as lead singer and producer Jeremy Rogers and Tiffany Paciga. Jeremy’s main source of inspiration as a composer is the women of his life, his late mother and his lover. All Eye has been featured in our Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden, you can also check BUHU’s Bandcamp for more.


Alternative Rock: Scotch Mist – Meteors

With a wave of neo-psychedelic rock tracks, artists and albums that are not really old-school psychedelic material and neither post-rock, but a mere copy of Tame Impala and their last album Currents, that blends disco and synthpop. Scotch Mist from New York city and their single Meteors/Surfside comes as something original, that grabs the best of contemporary alternative rock, the track brings us great organic drums, with folk guitar chords and vocals that can be associated to the last album of Fleet Foxes, Crack Up, specially in the chorus. But it innovates in the use of synthesizers especially. Surfside singularity is expressed by its acoustic yet jazzy mood, as much as Meteors. For a full experience I recommend the whole single.

The track has been added to our Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

(Nu) Disco: Deanna Devore – Seven Eight

Deanna Devore is today’s tip for you that likes a strong beat. She is like a chameleon swinging around electronic, downtempo, alternative, acoustic, jazz and orchestral territories. Owner of a mesmerizing and mysterious voice, not long ago she released the song “Seven Eight” with a rhythm that most likely will get you stock listening to it over and over for a long time.

It is very rare to see such well-made relationship between songwriting and production like this music. The soul of so many of us is bared instantly as the song goes on. The conclusion is that, in the very end we’re not able to control anything and as she says: “We tumbled down, I turned around. With nothing there but just one sound of echoed thoughts, of paths crossed and wondered then was something lost?”. But don’t you think her power stops in this song! “A Cause” has a similar beat and is cause of introspection among her listeners.

The powerful voice of this singer can make you feel every drop of what she means whatever you are, working in a coffee shop, or just at the gym. And you can find Seven Eight on Spotify, SoundCloud. Did you like today’s tip? You can hear more songs like this one in our playlist Synths of Eden.

Dream Pop: ◊awaymsg◊ – Seventeen

Seventeen is the new track from awaymsg. It a track full of ethereal dreamy pads, followed by a celestial bassline that shares the same feeling. In the top of that, we have those pop influenced vocals daring to sing in the same airy style, as if it was singing from the past, when awaymsg had seventeen years old. The track also features glimmering chromatic keys.

Art by American Ginseng. This is the type of music release that is pretty well illustrated and represented.

Seventeen is another non-pretentious release that is not going to disappoint. According to awaymsg probably the original project is lost, so it should be the definitive version. You can also stream it by Spotify.

Another track that is going to be featured in our Chilling in Eden Playlist:

Techno: J Swink – Autonomic

If you don’t want to miss the beat, you’re reading the right release! J Swink has 15 years of experience on how to make the audience lose their minds into the depths of the techno. His career started in San Francisco in the Fierce Animals Recordings for an EP called ‘Autonomic’ that you can even check it out on Spotify.

With Regard to the track itself, ‘Autonomic’ has everything it takes to blow every techno house in the very world, if you like it, we advise you to start with ‘Malfunction’ another track that came out of J Swink creative mind that takes you through a groovier way of using drums and bass tones that certainly gets every techno fan excited.

Got curious? You can hear more about him on basically every social media and listen directly to his work on SoundCloud and also on Beatport.

The track will be featured in our playlist Synths of Eden together with some other techno tracks featured here before.

Lo-Fi: Alex Siegel – Lonely Days (feat. Emily Rae Rose)

The world’s crying through your eyes
I’m sorry that we said goodbye
I know you’ll feel better
Just give it a little time

Lonely Days is a lo-fi track, with that beatmaker chill vibe, and it is intended to scare away the heartache, proclaiming ‘no more lonely days’. Everyday is a new day to start again for this bedroom pop by Alex Siegel. The track also features the beauty of Emily Rae Rose’s voice.

Alex is a producer from Santa Monica, United States. You can also check his songs on Bandcamp and Spotify, besides the embedded Soundcloud.

He will be the next feature of our chill Spotify Playlist, Chilling in Eden:

Tra$hwave: Purcha$e – Medium Desire

Medium Desire by Purcha$e is a combination of heavy synthesizers in the intro, that are followed by a rhythmic groove combined by an everlasting melody that will make you want to dance and trip in your own particular way. Purcha$e is a composer from Iowa City, USA. He defines his music as Tra$hwave. The track is part of an album with the same title, containing 7 tracks. It can be purchased in Bandcamp. Also you can follow his Soundcloud profile.